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Not accepted / a. And now what? Added:29.6. 2011
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Not accepted / a. And now what?

Since the beginning of the school year you are in one round – graduation, state graduation, entrance exams. The first two you already have for you, but what about the third item? Some celebrate it diligently, but you came home a letter which says that (at least) the next school year to sit in high school. Needless to hang your head, because there are other options.

One of them is, of course, write an appeal ***. *** That we spent on our site multiple times, how to write correctly, we advise you as „here“:…sat-odvolani.

However, it is possible that the appeal fails. In this case, primarily to determine whether the school to which you have reported, does not write *** second round of admissions ***. It's also good to look at other schools, if you need to find a new output for study *** *** or something else that you would be interested. The second rounds will regularly inform you learn about them in the "this review article ':…aciho-rizeni.

If you or one of these steps will not bring happiness, be sure to remember to look for private schools offer *** ***. Some of them are issuing entrance exams later. Thus, if the academic year begins in September-October, you have less than three months on finding an interesting field, which will appeal to you. If you can not sleep * the idea of ​​tuition at private schools *, think about it again, then you will have to be lighter dreams. Not everywhere is the tuition is so high that you had a debt due to him for a hundred years ahead. If you try to find a good summer job, at school you will be prosecuted, and if you have a good background, no need to worry. The level of teaching is of course different, but it also applies to public schools. It is always so good to read at school in time references.

* *** Did not work out your entrance exams? Do not despair! *

But if now clear that in September to sit in the first year, there are still other options. One of them is zero *** classes and preparatory courses ***. If you go this route, do not forget that for the next year you will not pay student status, ie, the state will not pay for social and health insurance. These requirements are necessary to keep an eye on time. Zero classes and preparatory courses issuing both colleges and other institutions. Their goal is to prepare graduates for entrance exams in the next year. At some schools you even some courses completed in a zero grade recognize and further study. It should be noted that both the preparatory courses and the zero year, unfortunately not free.

Another possibility is *** ***. language courses Here, in contrast to previous options remain a student if studying a day at school, which received accreditation by the Ministry of Education. Jazykovek advantage is certainly that it is perfected in a foreign language, which is something without what today can not do. To study at a language school can usually cope well brigade also work part time, which will again have to cover costs and fees that are associated with the study.

So far we only discussed the possibility of learning. But what if you fail at the entrance to the so exhausted that he from around the carousel with learning to relax and devote himself so roughly for something else? Even such a variant is offered. You can travel *** *** *** *** work or go explore new regions and improve the foreign language at the same time – we mean the au pair *** ***. Many agencies now provides candidates and zájemkyním assistant work at home. Just choose the country, family and pay a handling fee. The experience of working as an au pair can be read in one of our conversations („au pair in Germany“:…co-to-obnasi ? page = 16, „or in Scotland“:…ze-skotska-2).

[* 630271-lecture-room-5.jpg. (If not this year, so hopefully in the lecture hall sitting down for the year.)>] * *** If not this year, so hopefully in the lecture hall sitting down for the year .*

*** *** Start working is a choice, which in this article we will focus on the last. The decision to enter full-or part-time to work brings many benefits but also obligations. This is mainly a lifestyle change. Even though you have now walked every day to school at eight, you were just so-so free after all afternoon. This employment is not usually much, so you'll have to get used to it, for example, that some hobbies you will not have much time. On the other hand, your work will bring a lot of experience and if you can find a place in the field you are interested, it's definitely a big plus not only for your CV, but also for future life

Whether the next year but will do anything nezanevřete the possibility of further study at university. In a diary in February next year to mark significant date by which you send the application. And the whole year, then continually prepare for entrance exams. Secondly it must surely reputation.

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