Competition for the best thesis in IT - deadline 14th 7th Added:1.7. 2011
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Competition for the best thesis in IT - deadline 14th 7th

Students who study full-time or distance learning program in the Czech or Slovak Republic, and will defend this academic year diploma or a bachelor working in IT, are invited to enter the competition for the best thesis.

Compete in the following categories:

  • Information security management standards development systems and interdisciplinary approaches,
  • Corporate information systems, other IT work
  • Internet web systems, virtualization and cloud technology.

Rewards work best in each category is 50 000 CZK, for 2nd instead of 10 000 CZK, for 3 instead of 5 000 CZK, for the 4th – 6 instead of 1 000 CZK and offer jobs at ABRA Software as, or at the partner category.

The deadline for submitting applications is the 14th 7th 2011th For more information on server „www.diplomova­“:

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