, A new National Institute for Education Added:3.7. 2011
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, A new National Institute for Education

Since 1 began its work in July ** National Institute for Education ** (NUV), which was created by merging the National Institute of Vocational Education (NÚOV) with the Research Institute of Education in Prague (VUP) and the Institute for Pedagogical and Psychological Counselling (IPPP). About this step, the Ministry of Education decided in mid-April and it is primarily aimed at optimizing the organization directly controlled by the Ministry of Education currently. All three institutions will be merged in the transitional period, ie until the end of 2011, further work on their original addresses as a division of the newly established organization.

NUV was established as a school guidance equipment and facilities for further training of teachers and will mainly deal with the issue of pre-school, primary, secondary and higher vocational education. The Institute will also provide educational and psychological, special education, educational and career guidance in schools.

Director NUV became RNDr. Miroslav Prochazka, CSc. NÚOV current director, where he established his headquarters NUV (Prague 10, Hostivař, Weil's 1271 / 6).

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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