Pilsen rights annulled a total of 12 diplomas Added:4.7. 2011
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Pilsen rights annulled a total of 12 diplomas

The process of taking degrees at the Law University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (UWB) has been completed. Total graduates in law withdrawn twelve degrees, including one from the Bachelor's, Master's of seven, in three cases involved the removal of the title JUDr. (In connection with the canceled title Mgr.) And one Ph.D. The school and the promise of a noble mouth rector Ilona Mauritzové the first press conference April, that the process of interference illegally issued diplomas will be completed by 30 June.

One of the most common causes of extracting titles was, according to University legal expert Francis Korbel too short a period of study is that some students made up only two to three months. For such a short time it was not possible to meet all study requirements. In a few cases have been traced thesis or have been shown to plagiarism. Some students were even admitted on the basis of non-standard practices. List of canceled diplomas issued by the University of West Bohemia, accompanied by a brief justification is available on site UWB. The names of the now former owners but they are not mentioned.

Diploma and degree, the university decided to remove only provable cases to avoid lawsuits and legal proceedings, which, in case of uncertainty the decision to remove the title could threaten. Still, however, the school commissioned an independent report from an expert in criminal law Thomas Sokol, where, inter alia, that responsibility should not be deducted only to the graduates themselves but also on the staff of the Faculty of Law. The full text of legal opinion is available at UWB. Not only on this basis would then faculty could in the future to take further steps towards resolving the entire case.

Source: www.zcu.cz

Author: Černá, Lucie

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