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Student loans: compare offers the largest banks Added:9.10. 2012
Updated:4.10. 2012
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Student loans: compare offers the largest banks

The study can be financially quite exhaustive – rent, textbooks, food, commuting, concert tickets, laptop, sometimes tuition … Not everyone can support parents and brigades, or sometimes not enough. In such a situation can be useful student loan, we bring you an overview of the three offers the largest Czech banks.

** ** Commercial Bank

  • Credit card for students *

Probably the easiest way to borrow money at the „Commercial Bank“: is through credit cards „Visa students“: -a-studenti/pujcky/kre­ditni-karta-pro-studenty.shtml with a limit up to 20 000 CZK to the minus (in the first year of university and college but only 10 000 CZK). Repayment was subsequently once a month 1 / 20 the amount drawn plus interest due season, up to 45 days is possible to draw the interest-free loan.

  • Authorized overdraft for students *

„Authorized debit“:…udenty.shtml no long-term loan, but rather a solution to a temporary lack of funds. Allows you to overdraw the checking account overdraft, as with credit cards 10 000 – 20 000 CZK. Nepřiplácí no interest, provided, however, that at least once during the time of maturity (30 – 180 days depending on the type debit) was on the account balance is zero or positive – when this can be authorized debit Match drawn again.

  • Loan * Gaudeamus

„This loan“:…deamus.shtml is best for financing the study. It is designed for university students (including graduate), colleges and secondary schools. It is used to pay tuition or study abroad and any other non-business expenses with the option to repay the loan until after graduation, but not more than 10 years. The graduation repay only interest. So you can borrow 20 000 CZK to 600 000 CZK, which can be drawn at once or gradually. The disadvantage is that the use of deferred payment loans, the limit CZK 150 000, and if you have your own regular income, you need third party liability protection, or even building savings.

  • Loan Notebook * Apple

If you need to purchase a „notebook“:…-apple.shtml, you can borrow up to 50 000 CZK (it must be a product of Apple). This loan is required to document income, insure a third party or to pay fees and the amount of repayment is from 17 CZK per day.

All products Commercial banks must submit a document about the study.

Czech Savings Bank ** **

  • Overdraft to a personal account * CS Students

It is a similar product, such as Commercial Bank offers – the possibility of pump minus the credit card, up to 25 000 CZK. Managing and providing "overdraft is free, provided the account balance to zero or plus one year of the first drawdown overdraft. Once the account is called, can now drop to minus. The condition is over 18 years of age.

  • Smart Card * CS for students

„The card“:…tu-d00014023 offers drawing again to minus, 10 000 CZK for students 1 . years, 25 000 CZK for students of higher classes. This card also offers discounts in various shops and chain stores when paying by card.

There are also versions of this card designed for school leavers.

  • Loan to study for university students *

Czech Savings Bank offers students from 30 000 CZK to 300 000 CZK. Maturity is the year to ten years after the period of study can take advantage of reduced payments. Up to 100 000 CZK just spoludlužení formal third person above this amount is to be a standard car, the students combined study or an MBA can provide a loan without this commitment. Again, no need to prove the purpose of funds drawn.

As with commercial banks they serve as college students or doctoral students and is required to submit a certificate of study.

** ** CSOB

  • Authorised Overdraft Account to CSOB student * Plus

As with the previous bank, CSOB offers students the opportunity to "overdraw their to minus, and up to 20 000 CZK. Like the Czech savings bank account is required to call within one year from the first overdraft, then this option is automatically renewed. And like the two previous bank calculates interest only on drawn amounts. Necessity is a full-time university or college and age 18–28 years.

  • Loan for anything *

CSOB has no strictly a student loan, but provides a „'loan for anything“ ":…cokoliv.aspx. Two previous bank loans are intended only for noncommercial purposes. The CSOB you can borrow up to CZK 20 000 600 000 CZK without collateral, annual interest rate is from 9.9%, repayments can be spread up to seven years. The loan can be insured (in case of job loss, illness, etc.) or to repay early.

** ** UniCredit Bank

To complete the list should be added UniCredit Bank, as the last in the Czech Republic offers a „student loan“:…-pujcka.html. This is the amount of CZK 50 000 – 150 000 CZK, maturity is 1 to 10 years as with other banks.

** The amount of interest **

For all banks, the amount of interest on overdrafts card or current account around 17–19%. Interest on account Gaudeamus is 7.15 – 14%, the Czech Savings Bank student loans 8.9% and 10.3% of UniCredit Bank.

Source: website of banking institutions

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Author: Wurmová, Nela

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