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After studying in the UK Added:20.7. 2011
Updated:16.1. 2013
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After studying in the UK

The land on which it is claimed that there is still raining, but the local residents keep dry humor, are issued every year to study more than 300 thousand foreign students. And it's not coincidence, Great Britain offers a wide range of schools and disciplines that are often valued in international trials and names of schools have a good reputation around the world. And not just Oxford and Cambridge.

Whether you are considering studying outside the Czech Republic because they fail to reach you offer local schools or because they want to go it alone a lot, Great Britain is a good choice. Especially for those of you who want to master the English language on excellent level and get a quality education, which is said, that goes more in depth than the Czech. Moreover, as European Union citizens do not need to enter the country and no visa is even possible to study in a little extra amounts. But first things first.

How do I apply?

The first thing to remember if you want to report to the BA (so-called undergraduate) or Master's (postgraduate). The British system is different from Czech, although the country is part of the „Bologna system“:…onsky-system. As in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, studying Bachelor of three to four years, master's courses are then one to two years. It all depends of course on a particular field.

If you want to land the English Channel to report ** ** right after graduation, there is no other option for you than ** „UCAS“: ** (** Universities & Colleges Admissions ** Service). This organization arranges applications for undergraduate study across the country. As is known, the British will not tolerate any carelessness, or carefully write down three terms.

  • 15th ** October: ** deadline for applications to medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine. If you are heading to Oxford and Cambridge, it relates to you this date as well.
  • 15th ** January: ** deadline for all other branches, except those which have application to 15 October and in addition to art and design disciplines.
  • 24th ** March: ** deadline for design and art.

If for any reason you miss any of the terms, you still have a chance. But this does not apply to areas where you need to apply to 15 October. But in others it is not advisable to take risks. Some universities admit students if they receive an application by 30 June, but not always and everywhere – have still some vacancies. And some schools even applications that are not delivered by 15 January, not taken into account. It is good to find out in advance what the specific conditions of your chosen school.

You have already completed their undergraduate studies in the UK and want to get a higher degree? Then log on through UCAS. At the postgraduate courses ** ** ** with the fact you have to report directly to the university ** that you are interested. Each school has different policies, of course. All but will require a certified copy of your bachelor's degree or even a recommendation from your home faculty.

What about fees?

In recent months we could hear in the media that the UK government increased tuition fees and that the students rebelled against it. All this information is true and, unfortunately, have an impact on the Czech students. Like other members of the European Union and for us, the same rules as the British. The big advantage is, of course ** ** Scotland, where no fees for undergraduate study will not pay ** **. However, you have to subscribe to ** „Student Awards Agency for Scotland“: **.

** And how much you currently comes a year of study in the islands? **

Average undergraduate disciplines are moving in the following ranges:

  • The general disciplines from 4000 do £ 12 000
  • Art and design fields since 7000 do £ 9 000
  • Science 7500 až £ 22 000
  • Medicine, veterinary care and co. 10 000 to £ 25 000

Fees for Master's courses at one year are higher:

  • Arts & Humanities 7 000 and £ 12 000
  • Science 7500 až £ 25 000
  • Medicine, veterinary care and co. 10 000 to £ 33 000
  • Courses MBA (Master of Business Administration) 4000 to more than £ 34 000

[* 296169-british-telephone-box-1.jpg. (296,169-british-telephone-box-1.jpg)>]

So if you do not choose Scotland, you have to pay fees in person. But it is possible to get a scholarship ** **. Many of them issuing the universities themselves, mostly on merit and scholarships or grants for students from socially disadvantaged families. If you prove that your family income is below a certain limit, you have a great chance for school post. Money can also be obtained in the Czech Republic, information on the website of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Do I need any language certificates?

This is no rule, but most schools in the UK requires a certificate of language skills. Variant is more, one of them is the right language course completed your chosen university. They are listed just for students whose first language is not English but who still are interested in studying in the British Isles. Such courses, of course, but it costs time and money. The second option is to create some of the language certificates. For studies at the bachelor's degree UCAS approves „these certificates“:…/englangprof. It should be carefully studied, however, that the school recognizes those tests.

The vast majority of schools recognizes the so-called „IELTS“:…is-ielts.htm. However, be careful – even when you get a high rating, you need to watch for when you test composed. Schools generally accept IELTS certificates, which are more than two years old.

And what is with the brigades?

Like other members of the European Union nor we do not need to work in the UK work permit or visa. It should be but keep an eye on how it is working with law students. Currently, you ** do not register with the Workers Registration Scheme ** as it was before 30 April this year. It should be but to pay attention to the fact that (as well as in the Czech Republic) must pay income tax, even if your work only part-time and you are still studying.

Where can I learn more?

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