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Looking for part-time job. Zn.: At the last minute. Added:13.7. 2011
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Looking for part-time job. Zn.: At the last minute.

You did not come a long planned work, or leave the organization has failed? Do you find that you suddenly need to add funds? Or for the same test was not yet time hunting brigade? Look at us, what chance of extra income you have in the summer, if you start with the search until now.

Consult the Internet === === The first and most important resource for your search should become the busiest Web sites that publish advertisements about the current brigades and casual work („“: „“: http://sprace . com, „“: Menus are added as quickly as disappearing: So remember that the quickest win. It pays to monitor the site several times a day and as soon as you something interesting, hesitation and call (definitely prioritize phone before writing emails). Remember: the activity is appreciated! Similarly on the server ** ** employment agencies (eg, „“:, where in summer you occasionally about his brigade to fight fairly. While advertising on the sites may appear more interesting places, agencies usually offer such a position as an auxiliary work in the warehouse, so-called bailout, „the belt“ in factories and sweatshops or working cashiers in supermarkets. The advantage of agencies is the immediate reward but in the hand.

Go for a walk === === While passing through the city and business center keep your eyes open! Watch the bulletin boards at stores, cafes and restaurants. Many of them are looking for in the summer stand-in for their employees who choose to leave. Two weeks washing dishes, cooking, folding clothes or coffee you can also earn comfortably. You can also identify yourself places where you ask for help in inventories (hypermarkets – often night shifts, shops with clothes). The activity can express themselves and ask for operators who could offer an interesting position for you. You might get lucky. Try to ask for the sale of ice cream, fast food stalls in swimming pools or in tourist information offices, which are also quite a busy holiday. Use the above seasonal menus **. ** Try to ask for work in the fruit harvest (cooperatives, private farms) after cleaning of public areas for large events, tearing tickets for various cultural events, throwing beer festivals, delivering goods, but also the positions of the summer fields or help in organizing conferences and summer schools. If you dare, you can offer your skills as a keeper of children, the delegates on foreign tours, guides foreigners or lifeguards.

Summer offers many a interesting Brigade

=== Use contact

It is said that when looking for work are the most important contacts. So use them! Ask where you have worked in previous years. Check with relatives and acquaintances who do business if they need help in the shop or behind the wheel. Ask the companies where you go often and where you already know, if you do not need a stand-in for servicing, or bartender. Do not forget to ring around friends and classmates if they have a good tip and where they are going. You never know when it just comes out.

=== Go to the security

Another, but not a last resort as you earn something, you reach for unpopular work, the offer is not permanent. You can try a couple of weeks of work in call-center, maybe you will surprisingly well. In the summer a number of organizations and companies using students to help them with the fundraising. He is approaching strangers on the street and offering the possibility of financial support the organization you represent. Similarly, you can try to sell small charity items, or offer more favorable rates passers. Still current also offers a variety of works from home. Here it is true: Think before you sign the contract. Find as much as possible references to the work and twice with what works for you convenience.

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