New Applied Ecology at the University of Palacky Added:11.7. 2011
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New Applied Ecology at the University of Palacky

The new Bachelor of Applied Ecology study ** to ** about the public sector for those interested in Olomouc Faculty of Education. Branch will be possible to study full-time or combined ** ** form. Graduate acquire basic knowledge in biological and environmental disciplines and areas of nature conservation and environmental care. It will also be familiar with basic legal standards (such as administrative, civil, labor, business law, environmental legislation), the basics of organization and public administration activities in relation to the discipline of economics with an emphasis on public sector financing.

Graduates will be prepared to perform specialized functions on the papers or local government professional bodies, trade unions in particular environment. They can be used also in public administration at institutions of ministries (eg Environment Inspection, Water Management Administration) or nature conservation bodies and the landscape. In addition, graduates will be able to use in counseling professions in the assessment of impacts on the environment, processing Territorial systems of ecological stability in the design and environmental consulting firms or they can perform the functions of corporate environmentalists.

** ** Entrance Examination to be held probably in the week ** from 15 August 2011 **, will be based on test ** Study **. The final admission deadline for entries and closure will be in the coming days specified faculty.

** Source: ** "press release, Palacky University

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