Dobes Minister: We're heading to the modern state graduation in electronic form Added:14.7. 2011
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Dobes Minister: We're heading to the modern state graduation in electronic form

A modern state graduation in electronic form, while the Czech educational system is heading in small steps, but surely. Emerged from Monday's statement of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Josef Dobes.

„This year's running of state graduation we have initiated the necessary changes to be as soon as possible to incorporate rozjetého system,“ said today's press conference, Minister of Education Dobes and continued: "At the next graduation will certainly shorten the schedule and turn. The first exam will be that their results could possibly be used in college entrance exams, oral exams after. Important changes are already in the legislative process, "added Minister Dobes.

A modern 21st graduation century, the Ministry of Education wants to reach and the introduction of comparative tests in the 5th and 9 classes at elementary schools. Testing would be conducted electronically, and this method would be tipped into the graduation test.

„We expect that the introduction of standards based on the principle of educational programs, which are now signing the minister sanctified, can handle no problem about ninety percent of the schools,“ explained Deputy Regional Education Ladislav Nemec. Testing is now fifth and 9 classes prepared for a minimum level, the ministry wants to develop future standards in the moderate level, while the measured mathematics, Czech and foreign language.

At the conclusion of the press conference added CERMAT-director Paul Green at summarizing the results of state graduation and graduation date correction terms: "We have received 952 requests for review of the results of educational tests, all we have carefully reviewed and evaluated 10 of them as justified. These students will be issued additional certificates. The term is opravnímu enrolled 23,653 students, exams will be held at two hundred thirty-catchment schools. In the period from 1 15 September pupils will go to the oral exam, the next four days will have to repair papers. Certificates will receive the 26th September, "he added at the end of Green.

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