The Special Branch: Arboriculture Added:27.7. 2011
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The Special Branch: Arboriculture

The word derives from the Latin arbor, meaning tree. This in itself suggests that today will be devoted to special branch, which falls into the realm of science …

=== What is Arboriculture

As already indicated, the study arborists will revolve mainly around the trees. As the field is among the rather young (he is self-attention until about two decades) and the content is a „donkey bridge“ between the science of ornamental horticulture and forestry. Indeed, right at our arborists report only Mendel University in Brno, and there just came from the cooperation of Forestry and Horticulture Faculty. His main concern is to care for trees grown in urban environments, such as parks, alleys, gardens, memorial trees, planting of special importance, etc. The ideal is mainly for nature lovers. * "Arboriculture impressed me just for what subjects are taught there, and that the encounter with nature. More or less I knew what I was getting into, even from his friends, "says Roman * Petrek, who is studying the first year of Arboriculture.

Contents === studies

Students do not pay within the field study only trees and shrubs in terms of their nature or biological taxonomy, but also learn the basic ekofyziologickými processes, learn to recognize and treat diseases and disorders of various tree species, assess their stability, reclaim parks and gardens, etc.. Another part of the study arborists are also articles dealing with various methods of implementation and planting trees in the forest ecosystems, landscapes and (especially) residential areas, or their friendly disposal, secure logging and much more. There, however, neither contextual courses on legislation, industry business opportunities, the menu of available technological and technical means used in arboristice or care for trees. * „There are also fun and playful items such as geology and soil science to be, ecophysiology, geodesy and others,“ * says Roman. The elective courses will then be found for example dendometrií, rehabilitation and preservation of trees, applied mycology, trávníkářstvím, dendrochronology, stromolezectvím, marketing, management of protected areas, etc. On the study is also a world language. Despite its focus is the study arborists „cakewalk“, but says Roman, you can manage. * "Which university studies is difficult … When one deals with nature since childhood and does not like comfort in the city, it's not too bad, but mainly it is necessary to continually repeat the material and script, "* he says.

=== Graduates

Graduates find employment in various areas of government, public administration and municipal green, government and conservation organizations, teachers in lower positions in vocational education, further research, for example, trees, etc. The acquired knowledge can also be applied in the diagnosis, treatment and eventual elimination trees or entire stands. All this while respecting the principles of conservation and environmental protection and regulation affecting safety.

Admission tests === === As already noted, the field of Arboriculture with us so far has only Mendel University in Brno. Entrance exams for bachelor studies (master's degree in school yet host) held here only in biology, and in writing. Without entrance exams are accepted those applicants who at the end of the penultimate and the last half year of secondary school study achieved average to 1.5 inclusive.

=== Where Arboriculture study

** Mendel University in Brno ** Faculty: ** ** Forestry and Wood Technology (in collaboration with faculty ** ** gardening) Field: ** ** Arboriculture (Bc, P, 3 years) Web site: „www.ldf.mende­“:…/arboristika

Source: „Www.ldf.mende­“:…/arboristika „Www.arboristi­“:…borista.html „Ww.arboristi­“:

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