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** The Czech Republic's ac­cession to the EU came to our citizens while in EU countries are entitled to health care on account of their health insurance. This does not mean that care will be provided free of charge and to the extent to which you are normally accustomed .**

If you apply the right to treatment in a medical facility, which is financed from public funds, the insurance company will pay only as much as paid health insurance in the country where the care was provided. It is worth bearing in mind that in most tourist areas, health facilities and private doctors require payment of health care course in cash.

In some countries you even care earliest pay in cash (eg France, Belgium). After returning to the CR bill the insurance company pays out – but without a deductible. In Luxembourg and France, you must pay all out-patient treatment with this bill go to a local health insurance company. In Croatia, the right to health care to apply only for contractual doctors. Unfortunately, most dentists are private.

PAY ONLY FOR TREATMENT. This is not just a payment for treatment. Illness or accident abroad may also include costs such as transport helicopter, accommodation, or even a return trip to the CR. Unfortunately, these costs are not covered by standard insurance. In most countries pay extra money for the care – so-called participation, which may not be the cheapest. Here is an example: Denmark – care dentist 100% France – drugs to 85%, 20% of hospitalization costs + 16 Eur / day Italy – 100% of the drugs, treatment of up to 36.15 Euros Germany – treatment 10 Euros, 10 Euros / day of hospitalization, medication and 10 Euros Poland – dentist care 100%, 100% drug prices Portugal – drugs to 80% of Austria – every drug on a prescription 4.9 Eur Greece – 25% of drugs Slovakia – not covered mountain rescue Slovenia – up to 20% of treatment costs, hospitalization costs up to 25% Spain – 40% of the medication, the dentist usually 100% United Kingdom – dentist to 198 pounds, 40% of drugs Croatia – up to 30% of hospitalizati­on costs

TRAVEL INSURANCE. YES OR NO? Especially when hospitalization is necessary assistance. Then he nepřipojištěný can claim to reimbursement as well as repatriation or repatriation of mortal remains, which must be fully paid mourners. The system of participation in each country is different and very complicated, so it is advisable to take out travel insurance.

But choose the right travel insurance abroad is not easy. The selection is huge and any differences in coverage even more. It should be noted that such a hiking, horseback riding and canoeing rivers are among the insurers by extreme sports, of which the resulting risk of injury, of course, in many cases are not normally covered by insurance.

[ISIC-logo.jpg * *]

Quality travel insurance, always provides assistance services, pays all expenses for treatment, including local legal participative, any treatment for minor expenses reimbursed as soon as possible after the submission of accounts, it also applies to the repatriation or transfer of remains from abroad and provides protection in case of other risks (luggage, trip cancellation, liability for damages …).

As a student you can thanks to the international student identification card ISIC (student card or ISIC SCHOLAR) to arrange a convenient travel insurance covering all Uniqa mentioned performance and extreme sports at competitive prices and CZK 350 for the whole year! And you can drive out with him during the year several times. You can be sure about you or your child will be fully taken care of. www.isic.cz

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