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Doctoral student James Altšmíd BUT: Do not worry chemistry Added:25.7. 2011
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Doctoral student James Altšmíd BUT: Do not worry chemistry

James received an engineering degree from the University of Chemical Technology and continues post-graduate studies at the Technical University in Brno.

** A few weeks ago you successfully completed his studies at the university honors. What are experiencing feelings? In which subject did you sweat the most during the study? **

Feelings is difficult to describe. The whole time I was looking forward to the moment when I do statesmen, comes a huge relief and joy. But due to some pretty big psychological stress is that feeling too much failed. At one point it was quite difficult. After X years, you will reach your goal effort and suddenly knows what to do. Within an hour I became an engineer and the change was only formal. I was still the same person with the same skills as before the test. Only with the difference that someone told me: „You have successfully passed the exam.“

I most definitely sweat of General and Inorganic Chemistry I. Then I made a third attempt.

** Student life will not end. You continue in graduate school at the Technical University in Brno. Which program you choose and why do you leave the ICT? **

It's called chemistry, technology and properties of materials. Specifically, I will do research in the field of gas detectors. The main reason why to go to Brno is the fact that there studying my girlfriend and we thought it would be nice to start living together. I had a choice – either looking for work in Brno, or there poohlídnout after some further study. I looked at the site, BUT, he wrote a few emails and met with Professor Nešpůrkem that he offered to marry me on this topic by itself. At that moment it was quite clear. The field is 3 years, so we end the school comes more or less same thing with my girlfriend. Another reason was that I wanted to try something a little different than what I was doing now.

James is in the lab at home

** You're moving from Prague to the Moravian capital. Will those from the capital something missing? ** Whether I like it or not, so I for the five years of the city quite used to it. What I will certainly miss the friends and classmates that I've had. I'm going to a completely new environment to the „foreign“ people, so I do not know what to expect. Surely I will take some time before in Brno zabydlím.

** I know you VŠCHT represented abroad. What was it? **

Representation would probably call it. But last spring I was under the ATHENS week traveled to Madrid for a training course Oprtical Communications Systems. It was a great experience.

** You are actively involved in promoting playful chemistry in high school chemistry and fair. Do you think that the popularization of science makes sense? **

Society needs scientists and any action that it can reach and possibly convince the undecided is the point. The project POPUCH we went after high school and we tried to introduce chemistry fun. I quoted from the official webpage: „The hour is interactive, is in the form of dialogue with a large number of experiments, which are directly involved in the students. Tend to have great response experiments with liquid nitrogen. The lessons the students will carry not only information about ICT but also many surprising findings, which would be normal not learn chemistry teaching. “

** Do you have advice for high school students wishing to study at the university? **

Definitely let the chemistry studies are not afraid and go for it. Also from the beginning to not underestimate their own ongoing training that is needed. When studying you can get to the really interesting things that are worth it.

Author: Hruška, Jan

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