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Currently open to summer school Added:22.7. 2011
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Currently open to summer school

Summer is already in full swing, but you still remain some days or weeks for which you do not have anything scheduled. If so and you want something new to learn and teach, so just for you is for the following article. I'll give you a range of summer schools for students of secondary schools and universities held the Czech and Moravian university, colleges and other educational organizations and companies.

Ways to spend enjoyable days of steam, while studying what you enjoy, there are several. One of them, for example, summer language courses ** ** with which this article only briefly acquainted. Organised by the majority of language schools and institutes. Take place either through intensive courses, or perhaps only twice a week throughout the summer. Just choose a language school that will come nesympatičtější. It also offers the possibility to go somewhere to study a language abroad. There will be a slightly higher cost, because we count with transportation, housing costs and any travel. On the other hand, you get more experience and above all you will be able to directly test in the country, as you learn its language. The summer language courses, but we already informed you in the article „A holiday for foreign languages“:…izimi-jazyky in which you can read more details and get recommendations a particular school.

Summer schools – who are?

Another possibility is the so-called summer schools **. ** They usually hold a high school in order to allow bidders from other circles than those of their students to see what lurks under the hood and under the names of fields. Studying nuclear physics, but you also interested in journalism? Did not take you to the Academy for lack of talent, but you still want to attend a course under the guidance of a trained artist and edukovaného? So just the holidays, you can fulfill your dream. As for language courses and summer schools, even if there is a possibility to go abroad, as we informed you in the article „Summer School – what to expect from them?“: Http://www.vy­­nek/letni-skoly-co -from-them-expect. However, since a lot of options, we decided to further focus only summer schools in our country.

Is it worth anything?

Variations on the theme of the summer school is a lot. There are those that are completely free, so you only pay for accommodation and meals. For such schools, however there are conditions under which you can or can not attend. It is good to read the details before you start packing your bags. However, average price ranges from 300 CZK up to several thousand. It depends on the program and the number of days that the school takes place. This is again different – from two days to several weeks.

Where can I apply?

Now let's take an overview of some summer schools in which we try to summarize briefly when, where, what and how much you study.

„Summer School of Slavonic Studies“:…ych-studii-1

These are study courses for foreign students, professionals (teachers, translators, interpreters), and academics from the Bohemistic and Slavic studies. With its wide focus, however, those interested can also participate in the Czech language, literature, history and culture. This year you can still register for Summer School, organized by

  • University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice (** 22nd 8th 2011 – 9 9th 2011 **)
  • Masaryk University (** 2011 23rd 07th – 20th 08th 2011 **)
  • Charles University in Prague (7th 2011 ** 29th – 26th 8th 2011 **)
  • Palacky University in Olomouc (** 23rd 2011 7th – 20 8th 2011 **)
  • Institute for Language and Training in Podebrady (** 4 7 2011 – 29 7th 2011 **)

** The price ranges from € 700 to € 1 200 **, of course includes accommodation, meals and all materials. It is good to find out if you are a payer, it is also possible to obtain a scholarship from the Ministry of Education. For more information, visit the Ministry of Education.

„Fundamentals of written and pictorial journalism“:

It takes place in the period from 25 ** to 29 July 2011 **. The summer school is intended for candidates who will one day want to work in newspapers or magazines, or want to learn more about these media and their own intelligence products can also try. The program includes lectures on ethics as the journalistic work and practical exercises, as photographed for newspapers and magazines. Price ** Summer school is 4000 CZK, the minimum number of students is 15 **.

„Fundamentals of audiovisual journalism“:

It takes place from 22 ** to 26 August 2011 **. Participants acquainted with the basics of contemporary radio and television journalism. Participants can try out the preparation as read radio news, appearances to the microphone, comments, undergo an interview with a professional radio and television presenter on a given topic and prepare elementary appearance before a television camera. ** The price is 3900 CZK. The course is designed for a maximum of 15 students **.

„The course videožurnalistiky“:

It takes place from 29 ** August to 2 September 2011 **. The course is intended for those interested in practice that did not pass the professional journalistic lessons and want to improve the profession of independent television reporter. It aims to provide theoretical and methodological guidance and practical guide to successful processing of the news paper. ** Price: 6900 CZK. Designed more than 15 applicants **.

„Summer School on Digital Photography“:

It takes place in terms of: ** 7.31 – 6.8.2011, 07.08 – 13.8.2011, 08.14 – August 20, 2011 and from 21 to 27.8 2011 **. The program will feature lectures, work in the studio (portrait), and photo editing in Photoshop, led by professional photographers and other team members and Photography is a leading sports activities and trips. ** The total price includes accommodation and full board is 4750 CZK **.

"Summer school – training in management and IT

University of Technology announces the summer 2011, several summer schools. ** Attendance at courses is free of charge **, but with regard to the rules of the program must be outside the scope of the course participants in the capital city of Prague (usually demonstrated with headquarters based employer or college, is studying the potential participant). Courses are held in various cities throughout the country. For some courses it is unfortunately no registration canceled for lack of capacity, thus bringing an overview of only those unfulfilled:

  • 27th ** – 29 7th 2011 Communication and presentation skills in science and research **
  • ** 8th – 11 8th 2011 Summer School Work with graphics programs **
  • 11th ** – 12 8th 2011 Communication in the project team **
  • ** 23rd – 26 8th 2011 Communication in R & D projects – Practical for PhD students **

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