The Special Field: Inorganic chemistry Added:1.8. 2011
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The Special Field: Inorganic chemistry

Chemistry is the science is very important for today and the achievements we encounter at every step. One possible specialization in this area is just inorganic chemistry; field which you can study at several Czech schools.

** The content industry and graduates **

Inorganic chemistry deals with the structure, composition and reactions of chemical elements and their compounds with the exception of most compounds of carbon and some silicon compounds that fall within inorganic chemistry. Probably most are different metals. Students of this field can be applied especially in science and research, in both Czech and foreign companies doing business in the area of ​​inorganic materials, designing new materials for medicine and in teaching.

** Where and how to study the inorganic chemistry **

Previously, inorganic chemistry studied as a five-year master's degree, now that schools offer mostly in the form of a two-year master's program, which usually precedes any other bachelor's chemical industry, whether such as chemistry, chemistry in the natural sciences or chemistry must be focused on education. At the undergraduate level it offers only „University of Pardubice“:…terialy.html at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, Inorganic Materials field. Two-year Master's degree in inorganic chemistry offers a full-Science „Charles University“:…310/1000216/?…, „MU“: http://…y/fields/669?… and „Palacky University“:…isterske.php. All four schools University offers doctoral studies in this field full-time and combined form. And the „University of Chemical Technology“:…hledmag.html you can choose from several master's courses focused in this direction, offering the fields of inorganic chemistry, inorganic non-metallic materials and basic inorganic and special technology.

** Entrance Exams **

The Inorganic Materials at the University of Pardubice accepted without entrance examinations, are accepted preferably those with better marks from high school. Entries in this field for the academic year 2011/2012 is „still possible to serve“:…i/2kolo.html, and by 14 8th 2011th The master's study is generally required to master chemistry exam in the range of undergraduate studies.

** Items **

The composition of objects varies in individual schools, the curriculum appears such technology inorganic materials, thermodynamics and energy materials, some form of computing technology and chemical information systems, chemistry and physics of solids, students engaged in the synthesis of new materials and models of molecules, closer focus metal, glass, semiconductors, ceramics and building materials and nanomaterials, is part of the study and teaching of language, of course, excursions and laboratory exercises. The optional subjects, students can focus on various sectors of nuclear physics, chemistry, food, courses on the border between chemistry and biology, ecology, metallurgy, managerial skills or the right.

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