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We are world champions! Added:5.7. 2011
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We are world champions!

Press news

Students VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava (the nen VSB-TUO) Ing. James Nice (FBI), Ing. Martin Rohac (FBI), Pavel Manas (FBI), Kamil Rabbit (FBI), Vaclav Novotny (FBI), Adam Vondra (FBI), Roman Stepan (FMMI), Paul Hrnčál (FBI), Josef Sedlak (F BI) and Kamil Bares (FBI) under the leadership of Mgr. George Friedel (FBI, Assistant Professor Department of Physical Education and Sport at VSB-TUO) attended 25-June 30, 2011 I Interna­tional Tournament of students on fire-applied sports (I. Academic World Championship in Fire Sport) in St. Petersburg.

The competition is enrolled a total of 14 university teams from around the world. In the competition, charged mainly Russian and former Soviet universities our representatives won 5th overall place. The top five we were the only non-Russian expedition.

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After one day of training followed by a three-day tournament, where he competed in the output * into 4. floor training tower, 100 m hurdles relay 4×100m hurdles and fire attack .* In the first discipline output ** into 4. floor training tower ** We could not very. James Nice, our most hopeful in the fire, into the final battle and thus did not qualify in time located at 12 13.98. rung. World Champion in this discipline became Kurgan Constantine (St.. Petersburg University, Russia Russian Emergencies Ministry GPS). After the first date on which they evaluated the sum of six best times out of eight competitors from each team, we were up to 7 point. Next day we in the discipline ** ** 100 m obstacles did James Nice happy, because they eventually got as far as 16.12 in the battle for the medals. The round time of 15.73, then moved up from second place until the very final and ultimately charged in strong competition Russians occupied a small error on the manifold beautiful 3. place and won the first medal for our school. Here the world title won by Andrew Kornilov (Russia, St.. Petersburg University, Russia FMS MOE). Unfortunately, soon after the start there was also a renewal of our competitor's thigh injury Maňas Paul, which had unfortunate consequences in the evening when the students competed for the title of world champion in the 4×100m relay at the ** ** obstacles. This discipline we have put in a relay team composed of Stephen, Vondra, Hrnčál, Farmer and Roháč, Novotny, Nice, Rabbit. First time relay ran 63.82, what amounted to 11. place and two positions above the 61.15 time ranked the second in which we put their slightly larger ambitions. Unfortunately, a minor error in the last section (fighting) we moved to the final 9th ​​place. The title of world champions won the Russian Urals relay from The Institute of Russian Emergencies Ministry in the composition of the GPS Michael radionic, Tyshchenko Paul, Ruslan Zakirov, Alexander Vedernikov. Overall, however, after two days we have moved the sum of 18 points on 6 beautiful place in the mid-term review. The last day we went with it, that Popery is the location of the top five schools in the overall. We had no idea, however, that not only fulfill our resolutions, but also get on the podium. The first attempt in the final discipline of fire attack us too failed. An unfortunate error on the left stream, where the management has developed a kinked hose, cost us valuable seconds and the time we reached 43.52 on 5. place in this discipline. Our time, however, came in second attempt, when our students in the composition Maňas, Rabbit, Nice, Rohac, Vondra, Stepan Novotny and eventually overtook all the other 30.91. This was our dream is completed, because this time we ensure ** world title in the discipline of fire attack **.

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Together with our competitions took place in Petroradu ** II and World Championship for Young firefighter Sports ** (II Junior World Championship in Fire Sport). Czech juniors charged in nine competitive teams have won five of valuable metals, which also lacked a world title, and captured fourth overall assessment place. We would like at least to thank our university rector prof. Ing. Ivo Vondrak, CSc. for financial support of our academic representatives on the academic world championship. Big thanks also belong to the mayor of the Union Fire Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia (SH CMA) Ing. Karl Richter, his deputy in the department of youth Ing. Monica Němečková, Commander station Ostrava – Poruba Ing. Thomas Lefnerovi, our interpreter Ing. Jaroslav Novotný and the entire team, coaches, photographers and cameramen for the juniors all the help and support given to us not only before but also during the championship provided. And let's not forget our Teenager who directly at the stadium loudly supported our students.

We believe that cooperation in the future of our universities, professional firefighters and SH CMA will reap the fruits of at least the same success as we managed this year.

Mgr. George Friedel

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