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Polar expedition to Svalbard 2011 begins Added:5.7. 2011
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Polar expedition to Svalbard 2011 begins

Press news

At the time of 3 July 2011 to 3 October 2011 will be held next polar expedition University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice on Svalbard. The expedition led by Assoc. Josef Elster involved a total of 27 workers at the station in summer season půběhu relieved.

Research Station ** ** University of South Bohemia is located in the Gulf of Petunia – Billefjorden, Isfjorden about 60 km north of the administrative center of Svalbard – Longyearbyen. Research Station is one of the northernmost outposts of scientific, is almost 79 ° N (Station GPS coordinates: 78 ° 40'N, 16 ° 30'E).

** During July, the station will move a total of 24 students – participants of the course .** polar ecology students passed the 13th week –17. June theoretical course in the Czech Budejovice (we are informed ) During July and complete the practical part of course on the research station. In the period from 8 to 19 July will be part of the course focused on geoscientific disciplines (12 students) and the term from 23 July to 2 August will be a biological part of the course (12 students). Students will participate in field research work in collaboration with researchers. They will participate in ongoing research and also complete their own research mini-project – always in accordance with their expertise.

This year's expedition begins six-member team, whose task is to prepare the station for the arrival of other staff and especially students. The priority will be to prepare for winter cottage and transport material mainly imported from the Czech Budejovice Polish icebreaker horizon near the station.

The highest occupancy reaches the station in July when the usual crew přibyde 12 students each. During this period the station will be around 20 people. Average occupancy during August will be about 6–7 persons and during the season ending in September, a group of 3 people. The station zazimuje late September and 3 October last member leaves the Svalbard expedition.

The aim of the expedition for this season, besides the organization of the course for students in July, mainly on the continuing work already started experiments and measurements. These ongoing experiments and measurements include mainly an experiment with open glass (so-called open-top chambers), which simulate the effect of warming the atmosphere modeled on local biodiversity of tundra vegetation (mainly algae, cyanobacteria and mosses) and also possible to monitor the physiological responses of plants to this disturbance. They will continue to measure physiological processes of a plant species and their adaptation to specific climatic conditions (continuous sunlight during the polar day, low temperatures, desiccation, etc.). Parasitologist Group will continue the work and examine the specifics of the life cycle of parasites of fish and shellfish.

In addition to ongoing activities this year will start monitoring the balance of glaciers Bertil. This activity is caused by colleagues from Masaryk University in Brno and Charles University in Prague. Throughout the season there will be observations of meteorological and hydrological measurements of water flow in Petuniabukta. Make an automatic continuous monitoring of climate parameters and to establish new automatic hydrological monitoring of selected rivers and lakes.

During the expedition we will be technically possible to try to publish news about events at the station and on-going works, and perhaps also photographs and videos from the field. News from Svalbard during the summer it will be possible to capture the station on Czech Radio Leonardo and iDnes.

** The Communications Jan Kavan / Center for Polar Ecology **

** More also on an expedition to Svalbard 2011 BEGINS **

** What is the Centre for Polar Ecology? **

** Centre for Polar Ecology ** Department of Biology is part of the ecosystem, Faculty of Science University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice (CPE). The main mission of the CPE is to provide regular university teaching polar ecology and related fields (study life in extreme conditions of polar regions, including microbiology, phycology, botany, zoology, parasitology, physiology and molecular biology and physical geography of the polar regions, including climatology, glaciology, geology, geomorphology and hydrology polar regions). Another mission of the center's scientific research in the fields of inanimate and living nature of polar regions, especially in the already mentioned fields.

  • Regular information sent from the center of research will be published on the Web University of South Bohemia in the folder External Relations – News .*
  • Hana Bumbová, printing. JU spokesman, 06/30/2011 *
  • Contact Sunday: Kavan: 721698885 and Assoc. Elster: 384 721 * 156th

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