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Retired professor. Marek Zvelebil, and world famous Czech archaeologist Added:15.7. 2011
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Retired professor. Marek Zvelebil, and world famous Czech archaeologist

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With regret we announce that we are suddenly left the world famous Czech and archaeologist, colleague and friend Professor Marek Zvelebil (9th 1st 1952 – 7th 7th 2011).

Professor Marek Zvelebil was born in Prague in 1952. After leaving Czechoslovakia in 1968 and lived briefly with his family in Holland, and later studied archeology at the University of Sheffield (graduated in 1974), received his doctorate in 1981 at the University of Cambridge. He taught at the University of Sheffield, where he became professor in 1999, temporarily also at the University of South Carolina (1980–81) and Berkeley (1997). His main professional interests included research on hunter-gatherer populations, both past and present. Also dealt with the beginnings of agriculture, landscape archeology, prehistoric population genetics and the relationship between human culture, language and ethnicity. Conducted field research in Finland, Ireland, Scotland and the Czech Republic. In recent years, he participated in the research settlement in the Middle Stone Age in the Třeboň.

The CR Marek Zvelebil just arrived in 1990. His initiative was a joint Czech-British project of the Ancient Landscape Reconstruction in Bohemia, where the University of Sheffield worked Institute of Archaeology in Prague. Since then, Marek Zvelebil still maintained constant relations with the Czech professional environment, has initiated a number of other joint projects (eg analysis of anthropological material from Neolithic burial in Vedrovice, Mesolithic research station Švarcenberk), helped many Czech students in Britain, organized a joint field activities (eg . the participation of Czech archaeological research in the Outer Hebrides). In 2009 was awarded an honorary doctorate of Philosophy Faculty of UWB. The Faculty of Arts University of South Bohemia lectured Landscape Archaeology and developed the Erasmus program.

During his lifetime he published over one hundred Zvelebil scientific papers, including one monograph (From forager's Farmer in the Boreal Zone, 1981) and eight collections, where he served as editor or coeditor (eg Hunters in Transition, 1986, Harvesting the Sea, Farming the Forest, 1998), Ethnoarchaeology Hunter-Gatherers of 2001; LBK Dialogues. Studies in the formation of Linear Pottery Culture, 2004; Ceramics Before Farming, 2010).

PhDr. Jaromír Beneš, Ph.D. Laboratory of archaeobotany and palaeoecology University of South Bohemia CZ-370 05 Ceske Budejovice Hana Bumbová, JU

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