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University of South received a grant for the construction of the building and equipment for the development of research and teaching at ZF and FROV JU Added:20.7. 2011
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University of South received a grant for the construction of the building and equipment for the development of research and teaching at ZF and FROV JU

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University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice (South Bohemia) received a grant to ensure suitable conditions for the development and diversification of teaching and research activities for scientific and technical fields provided at the Agricultural Faculty and the Faculty of Fisheries and Water Protection.

** Construction of new building and acquisition of high-end devices receive faculty support to implement an experimental learning, which is very important for linking master and doctoral studies mainly in research and practice. An important added value of the project is a unique concept of environmental concept built facility that will enable significant energy savings for its future operation .**

On 31 5th 2011 Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports decision to grant the project University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice Reg No. CZ.1.05/4.1.00/04­.0190 the project "Development of research and teaching capacity for scientific and technical fields of South Bohemia in Czech Budejovice – Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Fisheries and Water Protection "(Development of ZF and FROV JU), which will be financed from EU funds and state budget through the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation, Priority 4 – Infrastructure for teaching at universities associated with research, a total of more than 294 964 836, – CZK, while the share of EU funds exceeds CZK 250 million. The aim of the project is the realization of investment projects aimed at creating conditions for development of infrastructure of science and engineering disciplines and ZF JU JU FROV. The main part of the investment will be the construction of a new building on the campus of the University and the acquisition of instrumentation facility. Urban concept allows new buildings to be placed in close proximity to existing buildings ZF JU, with which it will form a complex of fulfilling the requirements for teaching and research activities. The building was built in the shape of Y will be three-storey flat roof and glazed atriums parts with a total building floor area of ​​4800 m2. They reside in lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories, teachers and PhD study, areas of technical and operational background, etc., with the busiest operations will be located in the 1st NP.

The project is the fulfillment of one of the priorities defined by JU JU investment program for the years 2010–2015 (complex investment strategy). With the construction of new teaching and research capabilities arise adequate space for emerging fields fytotechnické (temporarily located in the building EF), should be to strengthen the quality of master and doctoral studies in biotechnology and engineering fields, whose development is directly dependent on a comprehensive diagnostic and measurement sites, respectively. laboratories with modern instrumentation, etc. will be provided adequate training facilities for dynamically developing field of Fisheries at all levels of study. An important element will be the unification of spatial objects ZF JU, which is part of the modern campus of the University of South Bohemia in the four courts. They provided adequate conditions for the development of new branches planned doctoral intensive laboratory space and excellent laboratory facilities (water protection, and biotechnology fields fytotechnické Plant Protection and Agroecology, etc.).

The realization of the project began on 1 6th 2011, fully operational training facility is scheduled at 30 11th 2014th

  • H. Bumbová, University of South Bohemia *

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