How do you maintain student status after graduation unsuccessful? Added:22.7. 2011
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How do you maintain student status after graduation unsuccessful?

Are you between 20% of students who failed the state graduation? About quitting to continue their studies in college, are apparently in a rather precarious situation. Because the correction terms in September, and runs away will most deadlines for admissions and zero years of your student status fails again. But there is a way to prepare in a zero grade for further study, while student status and related reductions in social and health insurance to keep.

Consuming, but relatively very effective solution may be a combination of foundation years university studies and full-time study at language schools. „If students combine training at universities in the preliminary year with our accredited teaching English, will not lose their student status or the student benefits, including health insurance paid by the state,“ explains Martin Vanek, director of educational centers to smart.

Zero-year classes are intensive and comprehensive preparatory studies, to ensure quality preparation of students for the most popular university subjects such as law, psychology, fundamentals social sciences, economics and management. Tenders individual schools vary fillings study form and of course the already mentioned student benefits. Daily learning usually consists in visiting the school in every working day, usually for four hours a day. Most schools also offer the opportunity to make a studio at the end of the final certified test, as the state language exam.

Such a combination is possible to continue their studies (and thus not lose a state-funded social and health insurance contributions) while professionally prepare for admission to the university. In addition, the systematic preparation for the admission procedure can significantly increase chances of admission to universities.


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