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Africa: a continent for your studies? Added:29.7. 2011
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Africa: a continent for your studies?

Studying abroad is an increasingly popular phenomenon, Africa still remains relatively undiscovered country. Ways to get from Europe to the local educational institutions, not many. You especially need the money and a little courage to plunge into the unknown world.

„Dark Continent“ your way to the students abroad still looking. If you have some options are, usually bind only to South Africa (South Africa). Furthermore, the following applies: who wants to Africa must look for other ways. Some of them in this article will also be present.

=== High School

As far as Africa, the easiest way to get her college studies despite apparently Afrikanistiky. There is currently only possible to study at the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Hradec Kralove (refer to „this article“:…ricka-studia). The local Department of Political Science has a link to a private University Jean Peiageta in Praia in Cape Verde (three-month stay), State University of Cabo Verde in Praia (three or holiday stay) and the State University of Accra in Ghana. The latter school has established partnerships with, among others, Mendel University in Brno. More information can be found eg in „this site“:…_uchazec.php.

=== Middle School

Opportunity to study in Africa also offers a middle school. For example, AFS organization operates in 65 countries around the world and promotes intercultural education. With it they can get high school students and Czech school in South Africa or in Egypt. Students live with host families and participate in local community life. The condition is the age between 15–18 years and an active English. Current information can be found on „the web“:…lay-program/?….

South Africa is a land of contrasts. Get it through the eyes of a student!

Other options?

** Language ** Another way to study and travel in Africa is to participate in any of the courses. In this case almost exclusively offer English courses in South Africa. This is mostly a good school, but you also have to pay. Two-week course with accommodation cost about fifteen thousand crowns, airfare and other expenses you must pay yourself. Tips on some courses can be found on the server as „Studymix“: or „Student Agency“:…zy-a-studium- v-zahranici/jazykove-kurzy-nove/jar /. An interesting possibility is to try as well as studying Arabic in Rabat, Morocco (Sprachcaffe International, more on "this or in Egypt (various study programs and summer school).

** Working ** In Africa, do not expect the classic work & travel programs that you can complete example in the USA. The entire organization must take on their shoulders, because the work program in Africa in the CR does not offer any agency. If you are brave enough but you can apply for work visas for young people in one year, provided for example South Africa. The condition is the knowledge of English, age below 25 years and secure work before you leave. For more information please go to „site South Africa embassy in Prague“:

** ** Volunteering The various volunteer programs are probably the easiest way to travel to African countries and know the local culture in its authenticity. The organization offering volunteer work around the world unites database „European Voluntary Service“:…d/hei_en.cfm. Interesting programs to which you can basically leave immediately, also offer to other organizations (eg, „INEX-SDA“:

Other Resources:

„FF UHK“:…_uchazec.php „On the experienced“:

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