The second round of admission to the Faculty of Theology Added:28.7. 2011
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The second round of admission to the Faculty of Theology

The second round of admission to undergraduate and graduate disciplines writes, „Faculty of Theology“: the University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice. Applications must be mailed to the 19th ** August 2011 **. Application fee is equal to 500 CZK.

** ** Undergraduate courses

  • Religious Education and Ethics
  • Pastoral Assistance
  • Humanistika – Religious Sciences (Archeology)

** ** Postgraduate courses

  • Theology
  • Philosophy (downstream)
  • Theology of service (downstream)
  • Teaching of Religion and Ethics (downstream)

Admission tests are held on the 7th September 2011. Applicants for graduate study scored oral interview. Applicants for Master's courses, „Theology of Service“ and „Teaching Religion and Ethics“ is also involved in language testing. You can choose from German or English. For more information, search for „here“:…n/201011/178.

Source: Faculty Page

Author: Hruška, Jan

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