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International Conference ABAF 2011 reported a record number of participants Added:24.7. 2011
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International Conference ABAF 2011 reported a record number of participants

Press news

As a big baby is coming next year ABAF international conference organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication (FEEC), together with the American Vedek of The Electrochemical Society. 12th International Conference Advanced batteries, Accumulators and Fuel Cells (ABAF) will take place this year on the traditional place – Rector of BUT. This conference will be held in Brno from 11 – 14 September 2011.

The conference will flock experts from across Central and Eastern Europe and around the world. It is already registered more than 150 participants. Other interested persons may report up to 1 8th 2011th * "It will be on 12 Conference series, and was attended by scientists to date from more than 27 countries around the world. Traditional is also interested scientists from Eastern countries and the Far East, "* adds a major organizer of the conference ** Doc. Ing. Mary Sedlaříková PhD .**, ** Institute of Electrical **.

Great importance has a conference in relation to environmental issues and electrochemical power sources, extending battery life, etc. * „The main goal was and is monitoring the main direction of research and development of advanced chemical energy sources,“ adds * ** Assoc. Sedlaříková **. This year promised participation from renowned scientists from abroad, for example, ** Professor. Bruno Scrosati **, University di Roma, ** Professor. Peter Vanýsek ** University of Illinois and ** Professor. Oumarou Savadogo ** University of Montreal.

The focus of this conference is to study the knowledge of materials on electrochemistry research-oriented systems in which moisture is strictly excluded (electrochemistry of lithium metal and related problems). Another important and promising direction of research and development of electrochemical supercapacitors used for load balancing and taking in new systems, obtaining electricity. * „We consider these issues in a very timely and important, so we try with other experts on Renaissance themes,“ adds * ** Assoc. Sedlaříková **.

The conference will be a myriad of famous Czech experts. Among other prominent figures come ** Professor. Stefan Koller and Dr. God from the Technical University in Graz, Dr. Ferrara and Prof. Germano. Sunseri at the University of Palermo (Sicily), followed by prof. Vito Di Noto, University of Padua, (Italy) and colleagues from the University of La Plata (Argentina) and University of Illinois (USA) and probably a professor. Doron Aurbach (Bar-Ilan University, Istrael) **. * "I think this year will be as the occupancy capacities of the richest, the conference certainly offers an interesting experience for all. In addition, material research applications for advanced batteries is becoming of greater practical importance, "* ** Prof. closer. Ing. Jiri Vondrak, MD, from the same institution **.

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Information about the faculty: Electrotechnical disciplines were first at the University of Technology, BUT the first time already in 1905. Since 1959, when it was founded as an independent faculty of energy, which later transformed into the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, has successfully completed engineering studies at our faculty of over 23 000 graduates. In 2001 the present name of Science – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology (FIT) and a year later acquired the accreditation of new modern-ranging study programs in a structured study. The faculty has more than 4,400 students in bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs. Studying at the faculty is focused on a wide range of scientific areas: control technology and robotics, biomedical engineering, power engineering and electronics, electrotechnology and electronics, microelectronics, and Radioelectronics Teleinformatics.

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George Wagner Public Relations Manager Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication

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