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POLL: What most students spend Added:5.8. 2011
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POLL: What most students spend

Six students and students from four university cities, we peeked into wallets. We have learned as much as they spend and where they get their money.

What are the total monthly cost? How much you cost of accommodation, catering, transport, culture and entertainment. Earn you or your parents financially support? So the question sounded polls.

** Peter M. Studies in Hradec Kralove pharmacy **

Hostels in Hradec on the track I always came to 2500 CZK per month. Meals in the canteen I was never tempted somehow, so I cooked myself, which I think I fit just fine up to CZK 500 per week. House I went every 14 days, when added to public transport in Hradec we as the 800, – per month for transportation. Student and cultural events I came to 2,000 crowns per month, plus I paid to 2000–5000 – for books and textbooks each year. Most of my expenses paid by parents, the brigade that much time in studying it is not. I have extra money to just brigades over the holidays.

** John N. studying in Prague, majoring in Media and Mass Communication **

The cost of the study are relatively high, because I attended a private university of Jan Amos Comenius, which pays tuition for one semester 25 000 As a result, the study cost me two hundred and fifty thousand. As for restaurants and hotels, I am lucky that I live with my dad and do not have to worry about costs. Part of these costs paid by the father and I we pay part of the orphan's pension (of which also pay tuition). Transport in Prague for my monthly costs 260 crowns. I've never been very industrious, but some have mostly part-time job I had. The Czech Insurance Company, publisher of the Grand Prince, where I work now, as editor of Houser.

Student stuffed wallet is not often

** Adela K. studying Media Studies in Olomouc **

The biggest items are accommodation and transport. Colleges will cost me 2300 a month, traffic counting and 1500 CZK, food and 2000 per month. Expenditure for culture are enough alternate by month, work, learning, and finance. Suppose this is CZK 1000. My parents contribute to housing, transport food. Otherwise, you earn yourself, so things for yourself (clothes, entertainment and other things) to pay itself.

** Vilma No. studying in Prague at CTU **

The cost of studying, I now smaller. Going from a private school in the state. Living free with my parents. Public transport comes out to 700 for 3 months. Catering to about 2500, about fun for the 2000th My parents help in the form of alimony. She can earn on the radio and hosteskováním.

** Martin M. Studies in Brno, Faculty of Law **

I have a monthly budget around seven thousand. Three thousand give the accommodation, the rest falls on others. Especially fun. Previously, I was subsidizing parents, but financial aid is shrinking.

** Susan F. studying in Prague, General Medicine, **

Monthly cost estimate around eight thousand. After college in Prague, I pay 2800 crowns for transportation home, plus about 1,700 more for less than three hundred public transport pass. And the rest goes for food and entertainment. How much exactly where I calculated. From parents get five thousand, to go to two brigades. In addition, receive scholarship from the school about 1000 – and for accommodation is about 800, – per month.

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Author: Hruška, Jan

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