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Student and a nurse in one: I look forward to a decent holiday Added:3.8. 2011
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Student and a nurse in one: I look forward to a decent holiday

How difficult is to combine work and study? Is there any one time for personal life? And what is the combined study, when you were already 30 years, the heaviest? These and other topics we discussed with the Slovak health nurse ** Martina ** Hudecová (37), which since 2007 studying the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava. Last summer here has successfully gained the title of graduate, currently a master's degree continues to the same school.

** Before you how many years ago before the last high sat in a classroom? When you Graduated from? **

Well, I Graduated from the 1992 to the Central Medical School, MD. Ivan Hálek. So … well, a lot of years.

** And why did you decide to go to college to study this for a long time after high school? **

Since the work started coming in my new colleague as Bachelors. And so it started from me too require. So it's not that it would be for someone like me, but I perceive it … I actually was under those new-graduate nurses when I had only the medical high school. And so I say, I have peace, off, I'm single, childless, so that we can little afford to study. Even so, it's enough money for a woman who still has some responsibilities. So I said that I was free, so that I can go into it. Although, of course, was fear.

** How is it for you to actually pay study? **

I do not have to pay, because this college is paid, the study does not happen. It's not because I was over 30 * (laughs) *. Pay is a bachelor and master degree. I studied BA and I can now proceed. What are now Bachelors in our Slovak and now can not continue, it must have a bachelor and master of the year of experience before they can return to study. But I have no experience behind them all * (laughs) *.

** And you need to study it – both bachelor's, master's or so – for some function? You can order from the head nurse need to be? **

Well for the top, yes, there requires a master's degree. Bachelor's in our country has such a normal sister. But there are already over me or over who has a bachelor. But it's not necessary, it does not have one (if you want to be top).

** What if your branch is working full-time study? **

We have twice after half a year – in October and November – a week in a row. And in December we have a test. So in October we have a week, then pause, then again a week in November, again a pause, then test. We do not need it every Saturday or so. Now sometimes it's even outside Bratislava, so we added it to travel. But it's not far away – an hour by bus, car half. Meanwhile, we sometimes write something for school, but mainly to try to bring the work and learn in oral or written exam.

** In your form are only students and students of your age or even people just after high school? **

You could say that more people my age, but also to be fifty. But the Master's program are there with me now even younger. 28 years and so on.

** And how does it work the age difference? **

Well, we help you. I, for I have learned to work with the computer through the school. Until then, I knew that the computer is a box * (laughs) *, but to control it, or bachelor's thesis process I have learned up to high. They helped my friends, classmates, their spouses and children. So we indeed recognize and we're actually quite good classmates. We can help the spiteful and doing (but of course there are also those girls who do spiteful). We are 140 or 150 in year, which is enough. We've got the four boys, brothers, health or how to say * (laughs) *. But otherwise most of the girls. It's not like high school, there were one or two friends. Here we have such a big enough group, about 20 classmates, we met. But we have little time, we meet only at school. Otherwise we are at work. Or we meet when we need something, we need to get hold of exam materials. One of them had, no one, other had another colleague who has already learned. So we have a povyměňovaly.

** So much outside of school is not see? **

We wanted. But it is not based. Perhaps celebration after the Bachelor's program, we expect every year. We finally ended up in bufetě on coffee, pudding and desserts * (laughs) *. Because we have to go to work next to home for children, others do not know what … So each has its own program, so we somehow working out. And we can not even drink, because there goes most of the car. But were we at least see each other at graduation.

[* 1102366-exam-time.jpg. (* How to manage work and study? First underestimate the preparation honest! *)>] * *** How to manage work and study? First of all, not underestimate the preparation honest! *

** Does your employer for the study of understanding? I mean, if you need the state exam was given special leave and so on. They are friendly to you? **

My top so, as my colleague that. But the top is essential, so she tries to satisfy me, as it can. The tests and studies. But I do everything I take vacation. I have no study leave, nothing. Even at graduation, I have also had to take a vacation. The state exam, I learned two weeks, but it was enough. Still it wanted more. But it did not work, it was just a few sisters and I had to go to work. Nor should one day before the test I have a sabbatical. Precisely because this study is not mandatory. But if I was in the top position, so I am entitled to time off. But I'm not, I just represent it, so unfortunately. I have always one month in advance to find out how they test, and then you put demands on vacation. In our country, the Slovak Republic is required specialization. To give a sabbatical to be a week and so on.

** Zapojuješ into the studio somehow my family? **

Mom. I read that gave the bachelor thesis. Because I do not have much writing talent, I rather do anything than write. So my mom told me, what is there by her well and what does not.

** What has changed is the study somehow your lifestyle? You still have time for myself? **

So I have less free time. The friends do not have time, nor on their hobbies. I have less time for everything. The time itself is only in the summer. During the year, you have to look for materials, read books to school and it's not just that. I am in the beginning was so naive. I thought I'd go to the library and just borrow something. But it was more us and the book was only one or two were free until a month but I already had a trial. So I finally They called all of his classmates, who has what and somehow it went. Now think of the materials in advance, collect material for a thesis. I also thought at first that I can learn on the job. But it did not work. It does not seem, at work I have to concentrate on work during the night. Altogether it is not. Daily * (attendance, note. Ed.) Study * is better than the combined work. Fortunately my mother helps with the household, so do not cook and so on. But we can say that in summer it is best that I can finish what I missed. But when the exam, so there is no time for anything, just sit and learn.

** And if you need a night, so you're able to then come in the morning from the hospital and learn? **

I'm capable of. But I have to.

** It's you, then perhaps more than 24 hours in harness, right? **

Well, then I am also of the cold sores. This is my business card that I do not sleep and I'm learning * (laughs) *. Well, it's time consuming. They just do not have time for anyone else. School, work, school, work. Something at home, but it's just a basic minimum that one could work. It is a little burdensome.

** Do you think that learning at work can handle each? Or are the types of people whom you would not recommend it? **

I think that if someone wants to study … I did not. I am the type who had to. I really could not have imagined myself in college. But I think one of the talents and wants to do it. Even with family, I see on my spolužačkách that even with that family it is. But you have a tolerant partner or spouse or friends, just such people around you who help and who knows, it's just not doing, but for a good cause.

** And could you give our readers some tips on how you manage it all really? Some tried and tested recipe your own? **

  • Make yourself happy (laughs) *. Make an exam and make yourself happy. Reward and motivate with. I, for one am looking forward for the five years for a proper holiday.

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