A new chance to study Media and Politics Added:31.7. 2011
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A new chance to study Media and Politics

Metropolitan University Prague opens the academic year 2011/2012 two new courses – related master's degree in Political Science and Bachelor degree in Media Studies. Applications to the school can submit up to 26 September 2011.

Politics is for those who already have bachelor's degree and completed study of social sciences focus (not necessarily go to political science). Within the Metropolitan University Prague, this study builds on the bachelor degree study fields Humanities and International Relations and European Studies. Political Science at the University can also study the combined form.

Media studies combine social science and humanities education with preparation for journalistic practice. They focus on the study of society, communication, critical thinking, but also on the practical preparations for the work of journalists, working in advertising, marketing and audio-visual and Internet media.

Metropolitan University Prague is a private high school, and thus to her tuition fees – in the form of attendance is 55 000, -/akademický year (or 29 000, -/semestr), in the form of a combined 48 000, or 25 year -/akademický 000, -/semestr. Tuition can be broken down into several installments. For more information, see „Web School“: http://mup.cz.

Source: press release

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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