BUT offers free refresher courses to study chemistry Added:2.8. 2011
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BUT offers free refresher courses to study chemistry

The „Chemical Faculty Technical University in Brno“: http://www.fch.vutbr.cz can submit applications up to 15 August 2011. Most candidates take Faculty of promises with no entrance exams – first, those with average marks of all subjects over the past four years to 2.5, second, some graduates of preparatory courses or chemically-oriented programs of study participants and the chemical, physical or mathematical Olympiads, as well as all third who have demonstrated a two-year experience in the field. For those who would like to report to the faculty, but are afraid of admission test or are not sure of their chemical knowledge, faculty offers free refresher courses, in which he wakes up from the beginning of the entire curriculum from primary school.

The first refresher course for registered candidates for study beginning the 16th August and runs until 23 August. A day later the high school chemistry intensive course focused on mastering the entrance examinations. Admission Test will be held on the 25th August. Courses will be held in the evening and will be lecturing remotely so they can be partially completed from home.

Other remedial courses offered at the beginning of September and faculty later in the semester. They focused on the repetition of secondary curriculum, mathematics, physics and chemical nomenclature. All are free.

More information is available „on the project website“: http://chemarna.cz/index.html or „web of the faculty“: http://www.fch.vutbr.cz/…ihlaska.html .

Source: Faculty of Chemistry website BUT

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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