COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Education courses at private universities Added:8.8. 2011
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COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Education courses at private universities

Looking at the range of Czech private universities, we encounter the most economical, political science or legal disciplines or programs focused on marketing communications. But even those who would like to become one of the classroom and share their knowledge to others, do not despair completely – pedagogical disciplines for them in our offer three private schools.

Industries focused on pedagogy and its related areas in our country of all private schools offer Comenius University, where students learn to work with specific groups of people, Akcent College, where the priority is language learning, and school-based sports Palestra. None of the private schools but does not in our traditional fields of teaching, where the listener is devoted solely to teaching a particular subject or subjects and prepared for teaching at different school levels, as we expect from public schools.

UNIVERSITY == == Jan Amos Comenius

  • ** ** Adult Education

One of the educational disciplines UJAK is printed to the field of Adult Education. In terms of its content, it can be characterized as a field, where students learn to teach adult population. Not surprisingly, the study forms the basis of various social science disciplines (pedagogy, psychology, philosophy, sociology, etc.), with greater emphasis on adult education (didactics of adult, vocational adult education, lifelong learning theory, adult education in the CR and the EU, human resources, personnel, counseling in education, etc.). Pedagogy, psychology and adult education are also the content of the final examination. An integral part of the study is then also a practice that takes place in educational, personal and educational centers, during which listeners can verify the acquired knowledge of „live“. Those interested in further study rather than direct entry into work, however, may benefit from the same school and continue follow-up Masters field Andragogy, where your knowledge deepens.

=== Graduates

Graduates do not apply exclusively in the field of lifelong learning, but also in companies and institutions dealing with any human resource development, or requiring workers for the selection, training and management employees. Graduates can thus be applied to various positions in the field of HR and personnel, in educational institutions for adults, teachers and other centers where important knowledge of professional, educational, but in effect the psychological work with people. Knowledge graduates make good use of the labor offices, social care institutions, hospitals and other facilities.

  • ** Special Education – tutoring **

The second field associated with pedagogy and vypisovaným UJAK on the Special Education – tutoring. This is compared to the above-mentioned oriented rather – though not exclusively – to younger people. His foundation is in addition to the actual education and other social science disciplines, courses focusing on special education, and work with specific groups of people (special education, psychology, sociology, psychopaedia, etopedie, speech therapy, Pathopsychology, social pathology, psychotherapy, penology, etc.). It pedagogy, psychology, special education and etopedie or psychopaedia underlying state bachelor examination. In addition to that the students can meet the conditions during the study návdavkových add an optional section – a test of speech therapy. From the above objects also depends on possible career paths of graduates. Who would not want to still continue their studies, may select, for example UJAK related master's degree in Special Education or Special Education – Teaching. The second one gives its graduates to become teachers in the first instance or special primary schools. But it had completed bachelor's degree special education or at least any one of lifelong learning programs focused just on this branch of education.

=== Graduates

Graduates of Bachelor's degree Special Education – educators can focus their learning through good use such as special education and other facilities, whose mission is to work with handicapped. Graduates are able to analyze, inter alia, special educational problems and to evaluate methods of treatment, respectively. access to those affected people, as well as operate in the area of ​​special counseling. Steps graduates and consequently often lead to special facilities for children, youth and adults and especially psychopedického etopedického character (special schools, special vocational schools, child diagnostic institutes, institutes of social care facilities for institutional, respectively. Protective care, aftercare centers, therapeutic community, child crisis centers), which acts as educators and support staff. Apart from special guidance also apply to different positions in social services, prisons, police force etc.. Masters no longer can work independently in leadership and management positions both in the above mentioned facilities.

Tuition for the school year 2011/2012: 25 000 CZK / semester Web site: „“:


Akcent College, as the name suggests the school, focusing more on language learning. In full-time program offers specialization in pedagogy and, within the fields of English as a foreign language and Czech as a foreign language. In combination then offers only the first mentioned.

  • ** English as a Foreign Language and the Czech as a foreign language **

The basis of the curriculum is largely linguistic disciplines such as phonetics, morphology, syntax, lexicology, word-formation, stylistics, theory of text pragmalinguistics, psycholinguistics, cultural history and literature (anglickojazyčných or the Czech lands in accordance with industry), etc. Students will gain knowledge in the chosen language at the level of amenities C2 European Framework of Reference for Languages. Furthermore, gain knowledge of one another, in the case of field English as a foreign language in two foreign languages ​​at A2, B1 or B2.

[* Pic-teachers.jpg. (Accent College focuses on language learning.) <] * Akcent *** College focuses on language education .*

=== Graduates

Both of the above fields have their students prepare for work lecturer in lifelong adult education, apply to such as lecturers in business courses for adults within-school language learning (for example, apart from language schools and cultural buildings, centers of leisure and hobby clubs .), such as teaching assistants in schools, etc. Bachelor's study, however, we can prepare for the next, master studies in philology or teaching (for different types of schools), where you can get a teaching qualification, but also in other fields.

Tuition for the school year 2011/2012: 55 000 CZK / year, respectively. 29 000 CZK in two installments Web site: „www.akcentco­“:


Palestra is a sport based school and also correspond to the fields at its disposal. Let us, however, now only on the teaching.

  • ** The sports and leisure time pedagogue **

Field sports and leisure teacher prepares his students for work on individual and group activities, youth, and is educated in both the pedagogical, and psychological (especially with regard to the various possible forms of behavior and the behavior of children, youth and adults). Branch, however, focuses mainly on active practice and work with different groups of children and youth, or adults, teaching areas outlined above, they serve as a theoretical basis. Integral part of the study is also the practice in performing leisure centers and various institutions. Subjects within the field students are introduced to various forms and options for leisure activities with regard to a particular age, genderostní or ethnic group or their individual specific needs (in the optional subjects, students can obtain, for example more comprehensive knowledge of working with minorities, handicapped people etc. .). Graduates are also able to prepare an adequate plan of activity, providing consultation, personally leading the lesson and organize them.

=== Graduates

Graduates may find application in various devices designed just for leisure activities, whether it's houses for children and youth, experiences and tourist centers, after-school clubs and clubs, children's homes, cultural and educational institutions etc. for adults. Can also participate in organizing large meetings, such as to be an international meeting of young or summer camps, they can plan and lead activities in recreational facilities for adults in hospitals, schools, nursery schools, charitable, social care and humanitarian facilities for immigrants in social organizations, tourism facilities, etc. in spa resorts. Cause but can be also as consultants in counseling centers and private and state departments of institutions performing on the field of free time, culture or physical education.

Tuition for the school year 2011/2012: 58 000 CZK / year Web site: „vstvs.palestra­.cz“:

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