FAMU boasts the title of the best schools in Europe Added:3.8. 2011
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FAMU boasts the title of the best schools in Europe

„Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU)“: http://www.famu.cz/ according to the current issue of the prestigious film magazine The Hollywood Reporter, the best film school in Europe. Of the top 25 film schools the world FAMU ranked in seventh position.

First place went to the famous „American Film Institute“: http://www.afi.com/, the second is the „University of Southern California“: http://www.usc.edu/ third place and won „The Beijing Film Academy“: http://www.bfa.edu.cn/eng/EIndex.htm. By Tim Appel ranking justifies the high position of FAMU's distinctive history and points out that the Prague School was founded in 1946 is the fifth oldest institution of its kind in the world.

Film and TV School (FAMU) is one of the three faculties of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU Academy of Performing Arts, Academy of Music). Her students are primarily trained for professions associated with the film, television, electronic media and traditional media. During its history faculty pětašedesátileté attended many well-known personalities, such as Milos Forman, Vera Chytilová, Juraj Jakubisko, Jiri Menzel, Halina Pawlowská or Emir Kusturica.

** Ten of the world's most prestigious film schools: **

  1. American Film Institute (USA)
  2. University of Southern California (USA)
  3. Beijing Film Academy (China)
  4. New York University / Tisch School of the Arts (USA)
  5. University of California Los Angeles (USA)
  6. California Institute of the Arts (USA)
  7. FAMU (Czech Republic)
  8. Columbia University School of the Arts (USA)
  9. Wesleyan University (USA)
  10. The National Film and Television School (Great Britain)

** Source: ** www.ct24.cz, „The Hollywood Reporter“: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/

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