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Closing ceremony of the 10th annual International Summer School Institute of Physical Biology Added:1.8. 2011
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Closing ceremony of the 10th annual International Summer School Institute of Physical Biology

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On Friday 29 July 2011 in the Academic and University Center in Hrady ceremony held on the occasion of ending 10th annual International Summer School. The ceremony was organized Institute of Physical Biology (ÚFB) University of South Bohemia.

The program director began ÚFB Assoc. RNDr. Dalibor Stys, MD. In his speech recapitulated the history of summer schools and organizing the Institute of Physical Biology. He stressed the importance of summer school, which led to New Hrady students from around the world, some of whom later became the ÚFB PhD.

Then spoke Rector Professor University of South Bohemia. Ing. Magdalena Hrabánková, PhD., Dr. hc appreciated the efforts of the organizers of summer schools and activity of participants who engaged in leisure self.

Other speakers were Mayor of New Hrady Mgr. Vladimir Hokr, the director of the South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce Ing. George Stráský and member of the South Region Ing. Francis Štangl. Ing. F. Štangl was also together with prof. Ing. Francis Střelecký, CSc. Dr.hc, Rector Emeritus of the University of South Bohemia, and RNDr. Charles Roháčkem, PhD., Awarded for a significant share of the Academic and University Centre in Nové Hrady.

After the ceremonial speeches were attending high school graduates and university summer schools handed over a commemorative diplomas.

The official part of the program established Science Festival – poster presentation of results of individual research teams and special events such as chamber ensemble performances and demonstrations of two hundred brass preparing fish and seafood specialties.

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