The Special Branch: Air transport Added:12.8. 2011
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The Special Branch: Air transport

Would not you be a dustman, a princess or an astronaut? Maybe you have not dreamed of becoming a pilot. Having the power to check the equipment prior to departure, all properly plan, organize, and then just float among the clouds. Where did you learn these skills?

Advance should be noted that even when subjects will undergo relating to air transport, it does not mean that you automatically from becoming a pilot. More about this issue you can read in our article about studies on „professional pilots“:…onalni-pilot. The article you're reading now, will focus more on subjects dealing with technology in aviation, air traffic and air traffic.

** Where can I study **

Since it is highly technical field of aviation, find degree programs and fields associated with it especially in technical schools. These are ** ** Technical University in Prague, ** BUT **, then ** ** University of Defence in Brno. The private schools are studying aviation at the University ** business ** in Prague and the ** University ** of logistics for Partnership. An overview of fields of study can be found at the end of this article.

[* * Airplane.jpg-1157211]

** The content of study and subjects **

As it happens in other fields of study, also in air transport should be distinguished from each undergraduate and graduate study. In undergraduate programs of study is more theoretically oriented, first-year students may not miss teachers can base that consists of physics, electrical and electronic systems, as well as managerial and economic subjects. Unlike other disciplines, however, students already at the bachelor's degree will get much more likely to practical exercises during which you learn the basics of air and missile technology and avionics industry. Postgraduate courses at these bases linked with the fact that it is placed much greater emphasis on practical training. At the same time but also ensures general knowledge of management of transport companies and logistics. The mention of specific items such as: * Air Transport Logistics, Operations Airport Operations and Airline Economics, Crisis management in aviation, Kinematics and dynamics, Aircraft engines, * Creation of technical documentation and more. There of course not * learning a foreign language, mostly English *.

** Admission **

Entrance exams are of course derived from the specific to the university and faculty. The public schools admission procedure consists of a written test (math and foreign language) and an oral interview, which examines the motivation to study and subsequent implementation. For private universities need to adopt proper sending the application, signing contracts and paying the fee the first study. If you are interested in master's study, you must submit proof of successful completion of a bachelor's degree and must usually complete oral examination in which to test your knowledge in the field.

At the University of Defence on military applicant must comply with full-time occupation for the service under the provisions of Act No. 221/1999 Coll. Professional soldiers, as amended. The CTU is necessary to produce 1 medical certificate classes that will be issued at the Institute of Aviation Medicine.

** Graduates **

Graduates in the fields of aviation and related fields find application both in operational, technical and economic services in the field of civil aviation, as well as administrative services in the airline business, government or the army. After graduation, students should be able to organize and manage flight operations, to manage the maintenance and repair of aircraft and missile facilities. Likewise, graduates are prepared to manage the operation of airports and their facilities. According to election industry graduates can then apply in aviation logistics and transport industry as well as in air travel.

** Summary of specific disciplines and schools **

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