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John Bublova: Two children and a Master's degree Added:10.8. 2011
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John Bublova: Two children and a Master's degree

Two children, work and college? According to Jane Bublova it can handle. With a bachelor's degree and a Master's pregnant he decided to finish up on maternity leave. In an interview describes what her experience with the combined studies.

John Bublova decided to take his thirties, shortly after a master's degree and complete their education so nurses. Now in the fifth grade and the title has left her just to write a thesis and pass the state exam.

** Jano, how you actually thought, log on master's degree in maternal? **

I felt that I could within the parent's height to finish basically because I have some of those children rest. Man comes to other ideas, solves completely different things than changing, feeding and so on – actually, I think so, maybe naively, imagined as such relaxation. After all, even when I try to somehow educate, develop, I have a lot of friends who should not have children yet, so that eventually everything revolves around these kids and get out of that environment for a while off is quite nice. In addition, I've had a bachelor's degree and done I remained only two years, so it was a decent chance.

** How can I combine everything together? Where do you give kids when you go to school? **

We fortunately have a similar functional grandmother watches. It's just that girl who has good family background, it can afford to study, but without a capable parent I would not even think of it, or perhaps thought, but I would nezrealizovala. In the last six months, I do it all but still came to work, and that was really too much. School, work full time and still do it kids, I admit that I really did not know where my head is.

** How have you managed to write seminárek? **

Seminárka I wrote mostly at night at work – after midnight, when he was a bit quiet, I sat at my computer and wrote. But I have to say that what for me has always been pretty cool to write an essay, and the like, for me this is now quite difficult – to write something so that it had a head and tail and it was long enough.

** What is your experience with the combined study? **

It was easier for me that I was back where I did a bachelor, so I was familiar environment. I think that 95% of students on blended learning are the people who have either children or work or both together. Some teachers generally take the combined forms a little milder, comes to meet us and in us something rather relieved, others turn in school and discuss the substance somehow „out of an express train“ and the rest of us seminárka Navarre, or let us go with the words "dostudujte it home ". It differs from a teacher's teacher. But in most cases, I think it's rather easy for those combined. Personally, I felt Master's easier than undergraduate. I'm talking only about the school, along with family and work is obviously much more difficult – to study when you have no family or job, is the ideal situation

** Which of the semester is the toughest for you? **

The worst thing for me is about midterm week, terribly depressing is when the purchase terms of seminárek and similar works. Examination quite could, if a person somehow those tests reasonably distributed, so that not too puzzling. It is true that some – especially those from afar – to be put back two tests per day to avoid having to commute, and then those that were more challenging. I must self-critically say that I tried to scrape through somehow rather, I was always prepared as wholly as the baccalaureate le­vel.

** Recommend you study the parent to someone who thinks about it, but afraid of it? **

I would definitely recommend, just try it, it's certainly not something one would regret. As they say, nothing you do not give a test and if it turns out that it is not, the study can be canceled or interrupted. Importantly, however, have the background – you know, it's not at the expense of families, that children are at ease with grandmothers, in any case, it would not be that you're constantly under stress from school and family that will take away. If it be so, I would from that study quickly backed away. Then, the longer a person there is, the worse he's giving up because she says many have invested energy into it and that was the end left so much. I would go into it again. Broadened my horizons and I am doing better and with confidence because you can say: „I got it on.“

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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