1.4 billion of eurofondů for college Added:6.8. 2011
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1.4 billion of eurofondů for college

Josef Dobes Minister of Education approved the first results round of calls in support of „Higher Education“, thus making them the Czech universities further 1.4 billion from the Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness (ECOP) to promote cooperation between departments, faculties, universities and practice. It is a challenge in the „In high school,“ in which the Ministry will allow universities to get up to 9 billion.

Finally gained support 55 projects in total volume of 1.42 billion crowns. "Universities have submitted really good projects. I am pleased that Czech higher education gets more than another billion dollar injection of eurofondů. It's not just one of many universities financial aid from EU funds, "said Education Minister Josef Dobes.

The money thus received as Palacky University in Olomouc on innovation 301 study subjects in 11 degree programs. It is more than 80 million crowns for the introduction of e-learning objects support, new content processing objects to the needs of the labor market or create their foreign language versions. More than 64 million will go Mendel University in Brno, the project of biological innovation and forestry disciplines aimed at increasing competitiveness, University of Hradec Kralove can look forward to, inter alia, to 54 million courses of study on innovation, science faculty UHK – namely to create a new e-learning support , extend the offer of courses according to labor market needs, etc. The implementation of this project will also help practitioners and foreign experts.

"This is the results of the first round of challenges in a month we will know the successful applicants in the second round. On this occasion, I especially appreciate the active involvement of universities in the whole process of drawing, working with them is very good, "said 1st Deputy Minister of Education James clockmaker, who is responsible for the issue of drawing European funds.

More information on the „Ministry of Education website“: http://www.msmt.cz/…-podpory-2-2.

** Source: Ministry of Education press release **

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