Five Months Added:5.8. 2011
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Five Months

** Five roommates, or hints and tips on how to find roommates do what you observe and what to watch out for. These five recommendations folded student organization Student-reality of the experience of students who have already passed spolubydlením. Read below, in the first part of the series .** Roommates

  1. Most important for roommates or renting a certainty. First of all certainty that lose their money (whether on bail or paid rent) that none of your apartment for no reason all of a sudden throw or guarantee that your new roommate will pay their portion of rent due and timely manner. These and other similar securities will have only if you have a property with the landlord signed a contract that will have all the information required by law. Legal language, unfortunately few understand, because from experience we recommend that before signing this contract someone called to check, or you have the expert prepare a new contract.

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  1. Well you check with whom you are going to rent. It's not just about finding out whether your potential roommate smokers or nonsmokers, whether dog or cat (which you're allergic). First of all, proklepněte reliability, cleanliness and social lifestyle. Surely goodness will not do, he will hire a man to live together with a rich social life, who returns regularly in the late hours of the person who is the exact opposite and prefers high-quality preparation for school. But how can proklepnout someone you do not know or know only briefly? Today social networking is very simple. View their profiles, photo albums, etc. One can only comment, and the only album to reveal itself as much as it sometimes did not even want.
  2. is also important, of course, the owner, who will rent an apartment or house. During a personal visit to focus not only on the flat, but the landlord's per­sonality. If you go into the house or apartment in which they live, or there occurs regularly, it is matter whether a man is clean, or how many are returning home. Try rather to determine if it is not a fraud and the like. For some people it can be seen from their verbal and nonverbal behavior very easily. A man who lies, for example, can cover mouth with her hand, look away elsewhere, suddenly talking unnecessarily loud and so on.
  3. If you are looking for roommates or rent for you in a new city, the city that you do not know too well, so well Take a look around the apartment or house, you are potentially interested. Surely you do not like to move in close to a problem area, which is increased crime. Likewise, try to notice of what social class people from the neighborhood.
  4. There is also damage to the „new“ city of a little tour and see how fast you get to the center or school. You will find on the Internet such a beautiful apartment at a good price, but with poor accessibility. At the beginning you say that the 15-minute walk to the bus stop in time to get used to. However, the opposite is true. On sunny summer days it can be a nice walk, a chilly autumn or winter weather, your fifteen minutes of so but it will not comply. „New“ city but do not crisscross procestovávat physically. Good overview of the total mileage distances give you such a route planner on the Internet. Quality review of time-distance (if you travel by public transport) will give you a timetable, which is available at each city transport company.

In this work we introduce five basic points that should be every student in search of roommates followed to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

** In the next part of our series can look forward to advice and tips on how and where to find roommates .**


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