The Special Branch: Demographics Added:18.8. 2011
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The Special Branch: Demographics

"Demography is on the border between natural and social sciences. It touches on events that concern everyone. "Exactly such sentences to attract your potential university students. What can this field can actually imagine and where to go after him?

Definition === branch

Demographics examines human life in terms of population which examines the size, structure, development, etc. Each event record of human life and in terms of analyzing the broader context, that such information is further processed statistically. In other words, it is a science whose subject is the human reproduction, which is understood as a revival of the population, through the processes of fertility and mortality. In addition, the demographics of those interested in change processes, such as marriages, divorce, abortion or immigration. Thanks to the generalization of certain regularities can be partially predict future developments.

Courses === === Students in different courses will not only basic knowledge in various sectors of demography (social, geographic, economic), but will also teach statistics, making models, national accounts, population development and economic analysis. Of course there is the practical part showing the demographic analysis and foreign language.

Where can I study

Demographics are in the Czech Republic to study at two universities. Faculty of Charles University in Prague offers a three-year Bachelor's (just-site, double-subject), two-year Master's (full-time, single-subject) and doctoral studies. Undergraduate courses can be studied only in combination with another field: Demography of economics, sociology and demographics with the demographics of social geography. University also offers a two-year follow-up master's degree in Demography in English. University of Economics in Prague offers the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics fields of study: Socio-economic demography (three-year Bachelor degree, only full-time) and the Economic Demography (two-year follow-up Master's study, only full-time), under a program of Quantitative Methods in Economics. This business has this year his „first graduate“:…entka-oboru/.

=== Graduates

Graduates can apply in both the scientific and research centers focused on the economy and social sphere, and governments (municipalities, ministries, national statistical service), and various institutions in natural sciences or health focus. But they can also work at the polls or be transferred to personal agendas of large companies. Demographers also apply in the areas of marketing, education, advertising, banking and insurance.

World population in the spotlight

=== Admission

Faculty of Charles University in Prague receives at least 15 candidates. The entrance examination is only an oral form and is focused on methods of demographic analysis and population development in the Czech Republic. Admission to the University of Economics is a written test in mathematics and British English. Entrance exams can be waived if the applicant: a) document the average of both study subjects in 2.0 (at the same time each of them had studied at least 3 years), b) achieve acceptable results in a test of OSP c) participated in the nationwide show SOČ Olympics et al. Expected number of accepted applicants is 80

More information

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