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University of Pardubice begins its reconstruction of the oldest buildings in the city center. Added:8.8. 2011
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University of Pardubice begins its reconstruction of the oldest buildings in the city center.

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Created modern facilities for education is closely connected with research. University of Pardubice can start reconstruction of its oldest, and historically valuable listed building on the square Cs. legions in the city center. On Tuesday 9 Rector of the University in August signed a contract with a construction company that performs reconstruction.

On Tuesday 9 August at the University of Pardubice will meet representatives of both parties to sign a contract for building construction. University of Pardubice represents rector prof. Ing. Miroslav Ludwig and Metrostav its Chief Executive Officer. Paul Pilate. Metrostav, Inc., won the public tender for the contractor, announced first April this year, in which the 11 subjects enrolled. The contract will be signed in the meeting room of the University Rector's Office at 10:30 hours.

The oldest university building in the heart of the city goes through an extensive refurbishment due to the funds that the University of Pardubice obtained from the European Union early in the project called the IT University for Education and Research (UNIT). * „There will a modern, high-tech, information-and technology-equipped facilities for teaching, research and development, which will be used primarily for doctoral students, across all faculties,“ * describes rector Miroslav Ludwig. During the reconstruction will be removed some old tape and will also significantly reduce the energy intensity of the object. The construction of the building renovation should be completed by mid 2012. Then it will be built leading information and technology infrastructure, laboratories with modern technologies, particularly specialized hardware and software products and access to electronic information resources.

  • "The facility will be built 15 specialized laboratories for 140 students, 16 classrooms with a total capacity of 210 students. The renovated and expanded space will offer 4,054 square meters, of which about half will consist of areas associated with teaching or research, "* summarizes the rector.

New scientific research facilities totaling almost 300 million crowns, which should occur at the University of Pardubice, the end of 2013, significantly improve the university infrastructure for education is closely linked to research and strengthen IT skills and interdisciplinarity of scientific research and training especially for young researchers and doctoral students. The project is also providing services in consulting and career training for students and graduates of doctoral programs. New, still missing, background to enable further development of doctoral programs at University of Pardubice, as the highest form of higher education and preparing young researchers for scientific work.

UNIT project is funded by the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation (OP) in the Priority axis 4: Infrastructure for teaching at universities associated with research.

  • Further information and contact: *
  • Ing. Olga Klápšťová *
  • Project Manager *
  • Phone 466 036 700 *
  • E-mail olga.klapstova @ *

Ing. Valerie Wágnerová Chancellor – spokesman for the University of Pardubice Phone 466 036 555 E-mail

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