VSB-TUO offers preparatory course for the future "freshmen" Added:12.8. 2011
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VSB-TUO offers preparatory course for the future "freshmen"

VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TUO) this year decided to meet newcomers and their organized for their future freshmen summer preparatory course. It will focus mainly on improving their knowledge of school mathematics, descriptive geometry, physics and chemistry.

The impetus for the decision were mainly school experiences of local teachers, who noticed that in recent years in these subjects for students admitted to a significant decrease in the level of knowledge. And because these objects are the basis of technical studies at the faculties of VSB-TUO, many listeners then the study fails to be saying goodbye after only one or two years of study.

The course will be held at the Technical University in Ostrava-Poruba from 29 August 9th September 2011. Teaching will take place according to the curricula of secondary schools and what subjects will learn exactly, the participants will be able to choose their own course, depending on where they feel in their knowledge gaps.

Applications for the course can be sent electronically, among other things, up to 10 August 2011. Students admitted in the 2nd date of entrance exams are welcome to apply to 26 August 2011. The price of the course and more information including registration can be found at www.vsb.cz.

Source: press release VSB-TUO

Author: Černá, Lucie

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