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POLL: How to handle graduation year? Added:26.8. 2011
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POLL: How to handle graduation year?

Five successful graduates and wily students to share impressions from the test of adulthood. Find inspiration on how to successfully manage graduation year.

Respondents answered the following questions:

  1. Which items you graduated / and?
  2. When do you think is the ideal start to prepare for graduation?
  3. formulating / questions and you alone / and?
  4. Any special advice about learning? (Eg place, time, etc.)
  5. How did you learn in relaxed / aa deal / and with stress?
  6. How you perceive demands re-leaving examination?

** Monika K. Business Academy Liberec **

  1. I have She graduated in mathematics, economics, Czech language and literature, accounts of practical and vocational subjects.
  2. What I'm concerned, the best place to start is to learn four months in advance.
  3. I was just some elaborate questions. In mathematics we worked in class between themselves and the rest we got from the graduates.

4–5) My ideal place for learning where there is absolute silence (cottage, the grandmother, etc.) are best taught me in the evening or at night. I paused in their favorite series or short, I went to two hoďky chat with friends. I saw a lot mate, coffee, eating grape sugar, I felt that I was not tired.

  1. For me personally graduation exam was difficult, because I can not concentrate and find it hard to learn. Takes me a long time before I start a little bit to concentrate on learning. Difficulty perceive that one is stressing the fact that at least a high school diploma in his life. And he has even more afraid that he will not and will not have even high school.

** John K. dental technician Hradec Kralove **

  1. Czech, dental technology, prosthetic technology somatology.
  2. It is best to begin gradually draw questions from the beginning of the fourth year.
  3. The questions we drew up collectively. In class, we divided all subjects.
  4. Good place to start is to learn the rest of the morning, with breaks when one is dragged, it does not crawl into the head.
  5. Going for a walk in the fresh air to watch a film, series, music. Thus, the Charging during learning.
  6. In retrospect I come to graduation as challenging as the exam period for waxes.

** Susan F. Jerome High School **

  1. She graduated from my chemistry, biology, Czech, English.
  2. Ideal for svaťáku start in case the topics discussed throughout the year in the classroom.
  3. Each class prepared always one question on each subject (and beyond).
  4. I like to teach on the toilet. Every day I had a number of questions and ones I learned. I think it was in each subject three questions.
  5. I went to bed early, that was my relaxation. The stress at graduation can not remember.
  6. In retrospect, it's a incredibly simple thing.

Learning in nature is popular with students

** John N. Business Academy Hovorčovická **

  1. I graduated from Czech, English, accounting and economics.
  2. The ideal time for preparation is svaťák.
  3. The questions I nevypracovával.
  4. It is best to learn at home, with nothing nerozptylovat and questions are read aloud or take notes.
  5. When I was learning a little more smoked cigarettes and drank black tea, but no sky-high stress, I worry. Do not suffer for it.
  6. Graduation Test was difficult for me only because I had to learn practically all subjects of accounting and economics, of which I am otherwise in the course of balancing between 4 to 5 Czech and English language I did not make the problem manageable.

** John V. High School building in Liberec **

  1. The Czech language, math, surveying, geodesy, practice.
  2. If you do not sleep the whole time at school, just Holy Week.
  3. The questions I have done myself. I had them from previous years and I have corresponded to one of his special comments and advice.
  4. I know that sleep does not work on scripts. Really do not know. They just learn in peace somewhere.
  5. I relaxed at the cottage in the countryside with food. No, I did not experience stress.
  6. Difficulty depended on teachers, but overall it was fine.

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Author: Hruška, Jan

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