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Ilona Češtinářka Kirchnerová: How to survive a year of graduation Added:16.8. 2011
Updated:10.10. 2013
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Ilona Češtinářka Kirchnerová: How to survive a year of graduation

Graduation year is a great menace to the end of the study. Together, the students flock repetition leaving questions of the entrance examination, to the fear of new graduation that are still under development. How to build it all? Some advice offered Ilona Kirchnerová.

Ilona Kirchnerová currently begins doctoral study of Czech literature at the Masaryk University and also taught for several years in one of Brno's Czech grammar. This year also met to prepare students for state graduation. The interview offers some tips on how to complete the final year of high school with a clean slate.

** What should students do you think the graduation year, to survive it all in good health, and graduated with crazy? **

He should learn from the beginning of the fourth year. If you did not learn from the first year, we can still catch it in the last year, but you need to start early. First and foremost, I would recommend that students walk to school, it is quite crucial, and unfortunately not always so. Not a good idea to stay home, learn and not to go because of school, or learn in one hour to another hour. At least in those subjects from which students I graduate cum.

** What should students do in the months just prior to graduation? **

The holy week, I recommend you get all the necessary study materials, and then learn the most intensively during the holy week. I think learning materials scraps of hours, their own notes, the library is an interesting institution. Today we have Internet, but I warned before the Internet, because there is plenty of factual errors. One can certainly also be used, but only as a supplementary medium. Basically I put the creation of leaving questions about what I know from school, the textbooks, which are discussed, and the books and the library.

** What would you do if you discovered that the May and still nothing you can not? **

Since the state school leaving examination in May it begin, I would start to look for hemp rope … Anyway, if it is May and I know that I really did not teach, I tried every question at least once read me for everything she could at least something from each of the issues I tried to choose at least what I find most important. I think that at least one read everything you can catch it in May.

** How does such a perfect view of the student teacher? **

About six feet, two eyes, nose, mouth, brain * (laughs) *. The ideal student for me is a student who may not have necessarily našprtané encyclopedic knowledge, but which it can think that you can put things into context.

** So in terms of your field, a Czech, prefer students who read a book rather than who can memorize all the works and authors? **

Yes, in terms of my field, I prefer reading. Reading can learn many things and you can open many new horizons. The actual reading without encyclopedic knowledge but also not ideal. It should be so that when I read something, I want to find out something about the area of ​​the book, something about the author, historical background and the like. Never just encyclopedic knowledge, never just reading.

** How to read a book so that those that state graduation really any good? **

The first and fundamental thing is to really read the book, neshánět have no elevators or extracts from the Internet in a nutshell. Another thing is do you have time, focus on it. They are books suitable for trams, and books that are not on the tram. In some works, such filozofičtějšího character, you need to concentrate more, have time to ponder this. The worksheets are designed just so that a student will ask the name of the main and supporting characters, but are much broader. It is good to trace the names and expressions, I do not understand – a man reading the moves much further. It is important to stop paying attention only to the storyline. If you do not understand the book, I recommend you read the book and then discuss it with classmates. The fact that what for me is what I took from that one. Even the version that one reads it and tells others not at all bad. Of course it must follow that even those who do not read. Anyway, it's great for the vyprávějícího – most will learn that you teach someone else.

** Last question – what do you think about the state maturitách? **

I think this project is not finished very issue that has a lot less. I'd say that's how the state school leaving examination conducted this year showed that the project has a lot of labor pains. I personally was not convinced that the state would be to compare the graduation level secondary schools.

Photo: Nela Wurmova

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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