Already for the sixth time people can "Experience the city different" Added:19.9. 2011
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Already for the sixth time people can "Experience the city different"

Already sixth street festival or ** ** Experience the city planning from the organizers of the initiative of Auto * Mat and more. The event takes place on Saturday 24th ** September in Prague **.

Its main purpose is to at least briefly turn otherwise drab and busy streets of Prague in a mall designed especially pedestrians and cyclists. Visitors will be able to directly on the road a cup of coffee or tea, buy different kinds of goods in makeshift shops, learn about the activities of various associations and organizations and enjoy cultural program.

This year, however, this all-day street festival neusídlí only in the heart of the metropolis, but will be expanded to other urban areas. The main venue will not only because this time Vinohrady, as well as Summer, Brevnov, Vrsovice and Charles Square. The event will be a great autumn bike ride that takes place within the European Mobility Week.

More information about the event can be found on the website

Source: press release Photo: Vojtech Marek

Author: Černá, Lucie

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