Grundtvig Day 2011 presents opportunities for adult education Added:1.9. 2011
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Grundtvig Day 2011 presents opportunities for adult education

The premises of the House of Foreign Services (Na Porici 1035 / 4, Prague 1) on Thursday 8th ** September ** attempt wide adult public, but also experts in the field of education prove that education is never too late. It will take place here is called Action Day 2011 ** ** Grundtvig, which visitors will be able to identify not only various forms of educational activities for adults, but also familiar with examples of practices that are based mainly on international projects implemented in the field of adult education . These projects will also be awarded a quality seal and a grant from the European educational Grundtvig.

Grundtvig Day 2011 will take place at the Adult Education Week, held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in cooperation with the House Foreign Service Association of Adult Education and the Republic Denmark embassy. The program will also samotých presentation stands a panel discussion, screening of educational films and many more. Participants will also be included in a draw for vouchers for continuing education of their choice. Admission is free.

More information, including Grundtvig Day 2011, visit the „National Agency for European Educational Programmes“:… &.

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