"Czech schools can not work with talent," the paper concluded the conference Added:16.8. 2011
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"Czech schools can not work with talent," the paper concluded the conference

** Conference on Talent in the Czech Republic ** or strategy of sustainability, corporate social responsibility and education took place in mid-June 2011 in the Platform for Business and Society in collaboration with the Deputy of the Senate Petr Pithart. Partners of the event were CEZ Group, Tesco and SW PubliCon Agency. The conference gathered representatives of large companies and educational institutions, and attempted to find answers to the question of how the Czech education treats young talents.

The conference mostly echoed criticism toward cooperation between secondary schools and universities, but also points to a lack of funds and motivation to work with gifted pupils. But most of all talked about the lack of preparedness of graduates to the labor market requirements. Speakers agreed that the Czech educational system is focused on traditional values ​​but the current Generation Y (children born around 1982–1995) offer many possibilities how to develop and apply.

Proposals that could help improve the situation, propose the following steps: to promote creative atmosphere to inspire students with appropriate patterns, to create a platform for cooperation between schools and the public sector and not least an active search for new talent and supporting them (eg in the form of scholarships).

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