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Planet Earth is quite a hidden secret. The study of geology can be one of the ways our planet closer and more to understand it. If you decide to filing this field, you can choose from: read of what.

** ** The field In a broader sense the term denotes Geology Earth science, which examines the composition, structure, historical development and processes both inside and on the surface of the planet. No wonder that such a broad area of ​​interest requires division into sub-disciplines dealing with different topics, such as different processes (dynamic geology), structures (structural geology), temporal stages of development (historical geology), rocks (sedimentary Geology), ores (Geology), smaller units (regional geology), the impacts of human activities (Geonics) and practical applications of geology (Applied Geology). The fields of study can then meet with the geochemistry, geophysics, geomorphology, glaciology (study of glaciers) and Volcanology.

Charles University in Prague Faculty

Faculty of Science offers two degree programs: Geology and Applied Geology. The former includes the disciplines of geology (as well as full-time combined undergraduate, master's and combined follow-up full-time and full five-year master's), practical geobiologie (full-time undergraduate), Applied Geology (post-master's and combined full-time), management of natural resources (combined undergraduate and full-time) geology with a focus on education, single-subject and Archeology (full-time undergraduate), teaching general education courses for high school geology – biology and geology teacher for secondary schools – single-subject and Archeology (Master's full-time). The program can then Applied geology hydrogeology study (five-year Master's full-time), Applied Geophysics (full five-year master's) and engineering geology (five-year Master's full-time). We compared our focus mainly on the general geology in three-year undergraduate study. For those who would like to focus on teaching, more specialization is determined by biology, geology and the Environmental Education (full-time undergraduate), located in the Specialization in Pedagogy at the Faculty.

** Contents ** Studies Three-year Bachelor degree course at Charles University Geology should provide an overview of all geological disciplines: earth sciences from the general mineralogy, petrology, paleontology, geochemistry, geology after hydrogeology, engineering geology and applied geophysics. The study, however, includes other subjects such as chemistry, physics or statistics. Of course there are field exercises, a few weeks course of geological mapping, field trips and other practices.

** Graduate ** The entire bachelor's degree is designed as preparation for specialization in selected master study. During his undergraduate studies, students have the opportunity to choose subjects that will prepare for future specialization. Graduates who want to pursue further study may be applied in companies focused on practical geology (exploration, mining), public administration or museums.

** Benefits ** University prides itself on being the widest range of study possibilities of geological disciplines and puts in his own words the emphasis on friendly relations and individual approach. It promises the possibility of internships abroad.

** Admission ** The entrance examination is only in writing and consists of a test of general study skills, which can be supplemented by expert test (biology, chemistry) in the case of more specialized fields. Up applicant can get 100 points and are admitted applicants with a minimum number of points 50th The level of state school leaving examination has not taken into account. The "these find model tests of various items and information on the preparatory courses. General Test Study focuses on reasoning ability, memory and understanding information. The test has a total of 50 questions and the candidate has to fill its 60 minutes. always only one answer is correct. Admission test may be waived by the faculty of information to candidates who are already in secondary education adequately demonstrated their expertise and ability to study. This applies to school investigators subject competitions and Olympics (solvers central category Olympics bikes chemical, biological, physical and mathematical, or. Olympics chemical category E, the category P Mathematical Olympiad and the Olympics geographic category D, researchers regional rounds Olympics Category A chemical, biological, physical and mathematical, or. category E and category chemical Olympics Olympics mathematical P), secondary vocational activities (10 successful solvers of the national round of Secondary professional activities in the following fields: 01. Mathematics and Statistics, 02. Physics, 03. Chemistry, 04. Biology, 05. Geology, geography and 08. Protecting the environment and creation, who participated in Olympics and SOČ starting in 2007) and the corresponding seminars (seminars correspondent researchers face who in the academic year 2009/2010 received at least 50% of the total number of points or in the school year 2010/2011 will receive in-1 3 .-. series of at least 50% of the total number of points 1 to 3. series) organized by the Faculty.

** Minimum number of applicants admitted: 50 ** Last year was the success of the adoption of more than 70% in the teaching fields up to 100%.

** Attention! ** Faculty organizes an annual "preparatory of chemistry, among other things invited lecture series on Advances in biology.

** ** The view of the student "Geological Section of the Faculty of Charles University has a long tradition and it shows on the premises of the building it shares with Dean's Office and Geographic sections. A wide range of renowned experts in the study of students take a wide range of geological objects. Many subjects require relatively intense preparation – mathematics, chemistry, mineralogy, regional geology. Since the thesis, the emphasis on quality student work performed, which leads to the fact that when the student defends a thesis, it has often been at least one publication in the international trade magazine. It puts the emphasis on the active approach of students and their professional growth in the specialization of their choice. On the other hand, the section is divided into several departments that are closed to each other somewhat. The Library lacks modern literature, and if so, then only the full loan. Overall, however, be said that after graduation if you want to know something of geology, then Charles is definitely a good choice, although it will require some effort. " Degree, graduate geology at CU and MUNI

* *** Geology matches where we can not just ask …*

Masaryk University Faculty

Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno offers a program of Geology also a wide variety of fields. It is the following: geology (full-time and combined Bachelor, Master's follow-up full-time and combined), Museological geology (combined bachelor and full-time), Geology – Museology (BA full-time), administrative geology (full-time and undergraduate combined), geology with a focus on education (Undergraduate full-time), combined with geology to archeology – Archeology (Bachelors full-time and combined, following a combined master's and full-time), geology, hydrogeology and geochemistry (full-time undergraduate, Master's follow-up full-time, full five-year master's), teaching earth science to high school (full five-year master's) and geology teacher at secondary schools – Archeology (full follow-up master). The biology program, it is possible to study the biology and geology teacher for secondary schools (five-year Master's full-time). The following information will cover the field of geology.

** Contents ** Studies Bachelor's degree in geology provides comprehensive training in geological sciences (general geology, paleontology, mineralogy, historical geology, petrology, structural geology, regional geology, economic geology, geochemistry, hydrogeology, environmental geology) at the elementary level. The studies are geological practice in the field (geological mapping, mineral resources, search, sampling, documentation, samples, suggestions for solutions). Students will also learn the basics of computer modeling.

** Graduate ** Bachelor's program includes the basics of geological disciplines and after its termination may continue in the master study. At the same time but this study provides sufficient quality of training to perform routine geological practice in a wider scope (private organizations, government, etc.).

** Benefits ** MU Brno praises long tradition and the possibility of obtaining a full academic qualification professional geologist.

** Admission ** Branches of Geology Geology and administrative accept candidates without entrance examinations. The field geology for a combination of archeology be taken at the Learning Potential Test and professional examination of archeology.

** Attention! ** This „unofficial site“: Melda ~ / index.html you will find answers to many practical questions and you can look into life at the university. Also read the „Message candidates“:…studium.html from Head of Department of Earth Sciences.

** ** The view of the student "Study of geology at the Masaryk University, not one of the most difficult. In the first year is the largest screen on the students of mineralogy, the third in the regional geology, but both can be managed with little effort. The most comfortable part of the study is the contrast-week course of geological mapping, ongoing at the end of the second year. There is usually a bunch of year becomes good friends. Geologists regularly meet at social events: the spring and autumn is the Geological and whip at the end of the Geologičák, which includes the traditional freshmen passing of St. Barbara. Can not miss opportunities to participate in field exercises and excursions. But back to study – lack is the absence of mathematics and chemistry as compulsory subjects, which I perceive as a handicap, which the students stretch the whole study (but optional courses are available). Teaching at the Institute of Geological Sciences is in the newly renovated premises in the area of ​​faculty canteen (and several others nearby). The big advantage of the Brno University of geology is a great library, which is one of the best levels in the country. " Degree, graduate geology at CU and MUNI

Palacky University in Olomouc: Faculty

At the University Palacky, you can choose from a teaching program for secondary schools, under which you will find teaching field geology for Secondary Schools (five-year Master's full-time), and the geology that offers fields of geology and environmental protection – two-subject teacher in combination with biology, chemistry or mathematics (full-time undergraduate), Geology and the Environment (full-time undergraduate), teaching geology and environmental protection for secondary schools (Master's full-time) and environmental geology (full-time undergraduate, master's follow-up time).

** Contents ** Studies Undergraduate courses mainly provide insight into basic and applied geological disciplines and fields. Attention is also paid to border natural science disciplines such as biology, ecology and climatology. Students are also familiar with statistics, working with a computer and two foreign languages, where teaching fields is also a need for educational preparation. The emphasis is also on the practical part of the study. A good selection of courses students choose their further specialization.

** Graduates ** Graduates who want to continue the studio master, for example, may find applications in government or in education.

** Benefits ** Department of Geology in Olomouc attracts both basic and applied research, and includes a collaboration with the commercial sector.

** Admission ** Applicants can expect to study chemistry test in the range of curriculum for secondary school (model tests can be found „here“: # mentor), if the field of environmental geology of the foundations of geology.

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