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TUL Student: University of the Third Age can boldly recommend Added:31.8. 2011
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TUL Student: University of the Third Age can boldly recommend

Studying in college is not just for young people. His knows pensioner Vera Matyasova who attends the University of the Third Age at the Technical University in Liberec.

** Why did you decide to study the University of the Third Age? **

I ended up with full-time as a retiree, I felt that I have a lot of free time.

** Studying at the Technical University in Liberec, which courses you have chosen from the looks and the semester schedule? **

This is a newly opened two-year comprehensive program of cultural historical and anthropological studies. He teaches in the two-hour blocks, in the first semester of three courses in semesters other four subjects – History of Art, Ethics, French, Cultural History, Cultural Anthropology, History of fashion culture. Optionally further development of musical thinking, cultural natural history, geography, Music, Graphics, or Painting.

** Speakers are many times younger than the students. What relationships are found in lecture? **

Very good, a lecturer in the retirement age, others are between the ages of our children and grandchildren.

In this study we have twenty-program group of people who regularly meet 3 times a week at school.

** They want you to cantors homework or is it purely at your discretion? **

Preparing for another hour on our decision, only the French are sometimes entered tasks.

Lectures are three times a week

** Examination period for traditional college students is stressful. What is the University of the Third Age? **

The program that I chose is exceptional. Each semester ends with credits or tests (tests), which is under construction. Stress is it for us – I think it unnecessary. This type of study should be seen as a hobby, without testing.

** How do you enrich learning? **

I repeated what I already knew from before, I spread the knowledge. I got new friends. Great excursions are also common.

** Are there any negatives? What could the university better? **

In addition to the abolition of tests I can not think.

** Would you recommend studying U3A other interested parties? **


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