The Special Field: Zoology Added:2.9. 2011
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The Special Field: Zoology

Have you looked in high school rather flora, or fauna? If the fauna is so special about our current zoology designed specifically for you. Find out in it, where can the science of studying the animal kingdom, what items are waiting for you what you need to know before the entrance exams and what you expect or application.

** What it actually is zoology? **

Zoology is a short science of animals. It belongs to the range of biological science (for example, along with botany, anatomy, microbiology, genetics and physiology). Zoology But I can further specialize, for example, depending on what group of animals are most interested (entomology, ornithology, parasitology and others). In the Czech university environment can not only study these subdisciplines as concrete objects, special fields for them to exist.

** Where it is possible to study? **

As already noted, zoology is an offshoot of her superior biology, thus making its study must first obtain scientific foundations. For this reason, studying zoology primarily on master's and doctoral degrees. For BA, there are fields such as animal husbandry, animal production or zoorehabilitace. Zoology as such but in the Czech environment at bachelor's level yet, unfortunately you can not find. After completing undergraduate base in the field such as biology or ecology, you can register for master's studies at the „Faculty of Science University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice“:… = 126, the „Faculty of Science, Palacky University in Olomouc“:…oskolaky.htm, the „Science of Charles University in Prague“: / faculty / study / study-mgr / Biology / Zoology and on the „Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno“:…/fields/8907.

** Entrance Exams **

Admissions to Master's or doctoral degree is usually a little more demanding than the undergraduate studies, particularly when transgressing from such distant field, or even from another faculty. If you report on the zoology of the Master program, you will mostly consist of oral and written examination of the foundations of biology and ecology. It is such a range of studies in which students compose a bachelor's degree final state examination. The application is, of course, must be documented copy of obtaining a bachelor's degree. Some schools also require an accurate list of items that you are in your last study completed. The doctoral studies are mostly oral entrance exams and the theme of your planned dissertation. However, since the conditions for admission to doctoral study at various schools quite different, it is recommended to consult closely with individual departments of study.

[* Zoo-1063843-prairie-dogs-group.jpg. (* The study deals with the mammalian subject mammalogie *)>] * *** The study deals with the mammalian subject mammalogie *

** Items **

Whether you study zoology for obtaining master's or doctoral degree, the composition of objects very similar. Since the problems and methods of modern biology and ecology of organisms through comparative morphology, ontogenesis, zoogeography, behavioral biology, evolutionary biology, to genetics. All these items are of course also may specialize in specific groups of animals – mammals, birds, reptiles, insects and others.

** Graduates **

Zoology graduates can find application in research institutions, scientific institutions, as a lecturer at universities, zoos or museums. They can apply for a job in archaeological institutions in the area of ​​public administration, environmental protection, agriculture and forestry, management of national parks and protected landscape areas. An interesting and certainly offers a wide range and area nonprofit organizations or private sector.

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