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He started 20th annual Summer School of Slavonic Studies Added:24.8. 2011
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He started 20th annual Summer School of Slavonic Studies

Press news

On 22 August to 9 September 2011 organized by the Institute of Philosophy Bohemistic University of South Bohemia on 20 year of the traditional Summer School Slavic studies.

Summer School of Slavonic Studies is intended only for students of Slavic Studies or Bohemistics, but also for others interested in Czech language. This summer School has a total of 55 participants – 41 Ministry of Education scholarships and 14 self-funded. Log in students are as in previous years from Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Romania, Russia, Germany, USA, Great Britain, Japan.

Teaching consists of five hours devoted to practical language courses, professional lectures, cultural and historical excursions and cognitive. In language courses, participants are divided according to the degree of knowledge to three groups. Lectures in the Czech language are focused on linguistics, literary studies, cultural history, Czech history and ethnography. To program also included tours of historically and culturally interesting places in South Bohemia (Czech Krumlov, Orlik, Zvíkov). Contemporary culture approaching participants SSSS film, or even theatrical performances, concerts and exhibitions.

Teaching takes place in modern premises of the Faculty of Arts, JU (Branišovská 31a). Participants are accommodated in student dormitories of South Bohemia University.

Contact: Institute Bohemistic FF JU Miloslav Moravcova E-mail: tel: 387 774 808

Mgr. Hana Bumbová Spokesperson, Head of External Relations University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice Branišovská 31a 370 05 Czech Budejovice

Tel. 387 772 024 E-mail:…ic-relations

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