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Vagaries of life in the Gallery of VSB-TUO Added:24.8. 2011
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Vagaries of life in the Gallery of VSB-TUO

Press news

From 30 August 2011 is in the Gallery of the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava opened an exhibition of paintings by Vaclav Vrba. On display are 25 paintings here, which offers 25 stories under the title „the vagaries of life.“

Vaclav Vrba, in his work attempts to find his outlook on life and tell visitors to the exhibition of his way out of the bleakness of what many perceive. It shows that life is not just consumerism and television, creating dependence. Even without them, life is full of sights and happy moments. Willow in his paintings provide readable and real solutions for people, living a normal life.

Higher Graduate School of Applied Arts in Prague, in addition to painting he also sacred architecture and interiors of churches. He has been a number of exhibitions. The Gallery at VSB-TUO offers 25 stories with color, seemingly naive paintings. „I want my paintings to people not only see but to be able to live well and so them also learned anything in my subconscious,“ says the author of his works.

Exhibition „vagaries of life“ in the Gallery of VSB-TUO, Ostrava-Poruba runs until 30 September 2011. The exhibition is open daily from 8:00 to 17:00 and the entrance to the gallery is free.

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