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How to use the free year? Try volunteering abroad Added:29.8. 2011
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How to use the free year? Try volunteering abroad

You did not get to high school and gap year to make the best use? Or do you just want a meaningful way to spend free days in the studio? Volunteering is an interesting way to do something useful for others, learn new things or look cheap to foreign countries.

The Internet offers a huge number of employment agencies volunteer work abroad. These projects can be of benefit for each participant – Pick up new skills, improve in the language, thanks to low cost you can afford a trip to a foreign country, but also do something useful for others. We have chosen for you to compare several options.

** **

Once you open this page from the right edge of the strangest offer you wave. Want to go for a hundred years old ship imported drugs to the Malaysian coast? Or on the ranch with horses in New Zealand? Or to the hostel from all the remote island of Tonga? Making a waitress in a Parisian cafe or assist in the preparation of the festival? It seems that the menu options on the „“: is really endless. There is a need to register and pay the entrance fee is 22 € per person and two years, or 29 € for a couple or two friends and two years. Thus, in comparison with other options very cheap affair. Not all the work is offered through Workaway purely charitable. The system is as follows: anyone who is willing to welcome once in a while at home by volunteers from foreign countries and to host them in exchange for five hours work a day, you may register on the site as a host. You can then „for room and board“ really work in a Paris cafe. The advantage and disadvantage at the same time is that within this server is all up to you. Nothing you have not dealt with the organization (hence lower price) – you yourself, you have to look out of its host (it is reasonable to choose some that already has a few comments from previous volunteers), contact him and arrange with him the conditions of work. Some hosts may also offer you a small fee, while others should have to pay your own food. Travel expenses you pay each. The project is particularly suitable for travelers who want to stop somewhere for a time, live cheaply and meet local conditions, or for those who want to improve in other foreign language other than English (though most hosts it controls). In any case, for all who need some flexibility and we can organize your adventure completely alone.

** WWOOF – Organic Agriculture **

If you are interested in the environment, organic farming, organic food and life on the farm, the „WWOOF“: will surely interesting for you. Farms WWOOF involved in the project can also be found „in the Czech Republic“:, you can go to most Western European countries. After paying the registration fee, which is not too high (eg in the case of „the French branch of WWOOF“: 15 €), will display a selection of farms. Then you need to contact one farmer and agree with him. As in the case Workaway is everything to you and understanding and have largely flexible. The farm family farmers will probably come by yourself and you for the weekend or even a much longer working for an apartment, food and experience.

** ** IFRE Volunteer Abroad

„IFRE“: offers truly „pure“ volunteering – caring for orphans in developing countries, medical assistance, rescue animals or environmental projects. You can choose from two options: either ask to participate in the project as a volunteer (Volunteer), which is a more expensive option (only initial registration fee can cost about six thousand, and then pay additional fees according to the length of stay), or ask about some scholarship organization ( internship), and if you get, your costs are minimal. In both cases, handles everything for you organization. Do you have a coordinator to ensure they are training, information, medical assistance, transport in the country, food and accommodation. And it is true that in developing countries is very good to have behind the safety of large organizations. Minimum stay is scholarship programs at five weeks, but you can go for a shorter period of time.

** Worcampy: INEX-SDA **

The main holiday season worcampů are, yet here about them, let us mention for completeness. Probably the friendliest Czech website is offering worcampy „INEX-SDA“:, which offers short-term events in addition to a long-term projects. To write a prepared boxes, to which country you want to go (if you already have a favorite), and by when, and then just select from many options. The description of each worcampu is just the beginning of abbreviations marked with the type of work is involved. We offer all sorts of assistance for emergency repair station wolves over the old castle or trails for wheelchair users to work with socially weaker. The fee for mediation worcampu is 2 200 CZK (for each additional worcamp in the same year, only half). Everything is arranged and organized in advance, you have indicated the exact location and time of start and end events. You work again for housing and food, and then only pay the shipping location. You can count on the fact that the same worcampu will save you about ten or fifteen other adventurers from around the world. Do you know the new friends you work in a team and the main language will almost always English.

Source: organization websites

Author photo: Nela Wurmova

Author: Wurmová, Nela

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