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How to choose a preparation course for high Added:5.9. 2011
Updated:10.10. 2013
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How to choose a preparation course for high

And it is here. The school year begins, graduated from the neck. And if only that. To all people still waiting for the entrance examination to college. If you already know which school to send an application in February, you can gradually begin to prepare for entrance exams. One option are preparatory courses.

Procedures and tips on how to properly prepare for entrance exams to college are countless. Depends, of course, and from that to which school you are applying. However, if you do not want to underestimate or are unsure that you are prosecuted for entrance exams to prepare yourself thoroughly, you can enroll in a preparatory course. But according to what he choose when offer is so wide? And when the log into it?

Where to apply?

First, it is necessary to make clear about what the school you are applying. A lot of schools over the years had passed the entrance examination in the form of so-called tests of general study skills. These schools are organized by the Scio **. ** Currently, the results of these tests follows (or at least account for them) more than „forty schools“:…lty/info.asp in the Czech Republic. Scio company itself for those interested in organizing training courses, during which the applicants acquire the skills they subsequently apply for admission tests. And it's not just full-time courses. There is also a possibility to pay online courses, for example, or buy printed versions of tests from previous years.

If the school to which you are applying, it creates its own entrance exam, is definitely a good look for the possibilities offered by faculty alone. Many schools now want to study applicants prepare for entrance exams itself. Lists So preparatory courses whose content corresponds exactly to the content of the tests that you will fill out „live“ in May or June. The advantage of such courses is that they are not generic. But if you know the field and not only the specific institution where you want to study, and still want to attend a preparatory course, you can use a number of educational agencies that are found on the Czech market. Of which are probably the best known agency „Socrates“: and „Tutor“:…ravne-kurzy/?…. Their menu is more or less comparable, it is up to you which course you prefer. But there are also smaller and agencies for example, if you have good personal recommendations on specific courses, so do not hesitate and quickly log. No advertisement, outweighs the positive personal experiences with the service offered, you have tried your friends.


During the preparatory courses will not be burdened with only your brain but also your pocket. But not to worry, the menu is very broad and therefore the prices usually match the quality offered. ** Under normal group-year course and pay about 7000 crowns **. Since, however, is a great demand for courses, you can also find courses that are only one-and thus a reduced price. In the selection of the course do not forget to find out what you receive for your money. Many courses offer such materials ** free or discount **. All offers is carefully compare!

When to start == ==

With the preparatory courses ** You can start all year **. First of all large agencies issuing courses almost every month. University of contrast products combine the student year, ie starting with the most at the beginning of the semester. The vast majority of courses ** So begins early or mid-October **. The last hour is likely to go late April **. ** As schools and agencies count on the fact that, as graduates are working through the week busy, organizing training courses mostly on weekends, especially on Saturday. If you, however, such a schedule does not, certainly will not find a problem such as evening classes.


  • ** How to find: ** Clarify on what school you are applying. Then you find out what type of school the admission lists and if not organize their own courses.
  • ** According to choose from: ** Compare the price with the number of hours and offered bonuses.
  • ** When will participate: ** Most courses are held in the period from October to April, but there are also one-semester courses.
  • ** Price: ** The year-long course (October to April) the average 7000 CZK.

Important == note at the end

Please note that completion of any course can only help in the admission procedure. None of the courses you unfortunately get to college. Your success depends only on the knowledge that prove themselves in přijímačkách.

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