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Whether you stay more than an empty mugs Added:12.9. 2011
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Whether you stay more than an empty mugs

International Festival of identity, readings, programs for children – Teresa Honsová Bachelor (24) during the study at the College definitely not boring. The two disciplines – history and information and library studies at the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno – he gained a number of other activities. Can not handle it? Read about creative activities at the college, and you, as Teresa says, „spend some time together, from which remains after us more than the empty glasses.“

Teresa, what – besides study – one of your activities?

My lifelong passion is about working with people. So, outside activities that are linked to my school responsibilities, I take part in organizing events aimed mainly at young people. To make it sound as much noble, I might add that this is mainly about organizing children's camps and language courses and sports for high school and college students. Through the study, however, I got to some other interesting projects such as the International Festival of identity, whose first edition was devoted to the topic of corruption and this year will deal with addictions, organizing readings devoted mainly young authors affiliated with Brno or programs for children from one elementary school in Brno .

Do you think that a university environment is something unique in terms of the possibility of other activities and projects?

College concentrates mainly young people, most of which still does not work full time and has no family. I realize it's a big advantage for the joint creative work. When a group of people meet together to plan and prepare for instance Night with Andersen (events for small children focused on reading, usually associated with sleeping in a library or school), soon discover that at different times than not meet in the evening. When he accumulates more projects at once, such evenings in three weeks, and meetings often last late into the night. Somehow I can not imagine that I then had to go every day at six in the morning and evening to work on my house waiting for the family. As long as I am tall and around me a lot of college students, we can afford such things. The field that I study, lead us to work in small teams. Often we have together to create a presentation or seminar work. So the whole study is interwoven with various mini-project. At the same time on the field lead us to a very active lifestyle during the study, which perhaps we take even further.

What for you was the main motivation to start with such projects?

I must admit that I can be whoever comes up with the perfect idea to take something new. I am inherently lazy person. For most projects, I got as part of the study, this means that for them it was a few credits, and were a bit obligatory. Thanks to this example, I could participate at the first International Festival of identity. Assistance in the organization was one of the ways to meet the subject field project in which the students just to report events such as the organizers. And the things that I do voluntarily have their basis in the fact that I take these actions before she enjoyed as a participant. And because I like and I see in them a great sense, they just keep going on, just on the other side.

„Sometimes I even worry if I accidentally creating an action bored more than just visitors who had come to attend! “

What is the support for these activities from the school, faculty, teachers? Be tolerated, if you do need to devote time during which you would otherwise be sitting in a lecture?

Support from teachers is great, and probably because most of these activities was created under the auspices of Department of Information and Library Studies. When you deal officially with someone and you can shield some institutions are just some things easier. However, we still have the same obligations. Neither the number of allowed absences will not change:). But most of the activity does not interfere with the teaching, so it's okay.

Where do you get ideas and inspiration for such action?

As I said, the projects that we do the study, are already predefined in some way. So the challenge for us is rather the question of how to do it than you do. We know for example that we have to prepare a series of readings. To us then is to devise a framework by which we decide which authors try to read the invite. However, for creating the very content of certain events, and now I am thinking mainly various games for children or young people, for me personally is probably the biggest inspiration of my previous study of history, literature and film, especially the right to create a game atmosphere. For any impression that you need to play the lead in humans, exists between the historical events of a suitable background. This may be a feeling of fear, threat, insecurity, but also need to prosperity, security and prosperity, cosiness, chaos, just what your heart desires. Then just choose the right historical period, the right literary or film plot. And then just tell.

What is most important when a student decides to do similar events? What he should be careful?

I do not know if I can tell you what is important, but I know with what I have the problem itself frequently. Happens to me that you nepohlídám to be processed in time all authorizations, and all bookings. I have the problem to realize that any major organized gathering of people in public spaces such as the city game, a march or a theater or an exhibition in the park must be allowed from the municipal office or police. And especially when the organization is backed faculty or department. When I do something for myself, I risk a little more quietly, and then hope that the police behaved strangely people in the square notice. And if yes, and then explains and comforts. But if I have written over the head Masaryk University, so do not like it. So to all who are planning to organize something oficiálnějšího, I highly recommend not to underestimate this thing and start with the processing time.

***" I love the atmosphere creating a common "

What do you enjoy most on?

I love the atmosphere of joint formation. Prepare yourself something is good, but it's still just me. Going along to the pub is nice, but after a while begins to creep frustration. But spend some time together, from which we will remain after more than an empty glass is incredibly satisfying. Sometimes I even fear, if I happen to not like making an action more than actual visitors who come to attend her;).

What is the hardest thing of all?

For me, the hardest to make the first step to start something new. It can not. Top is my role of „the other“, which nods with enthusiasm at first shy develops the idea of ​​„the first“. I can not take the lead, be the boss, delegate work, make decisions and defend something. It is for me the hardest.

Do you have any ideas for the future that you would like realized? What really got an idea about your future application?

I'd like to return back to Brno fully in the author's reading festival and identity, of which I am now due to holiday commitments and státnicím fell. I also have a backup in two such minor things that I own or with classmates to prepare the study. They are fancy, just a realization. One is a debate program for high school students on how we perceive European and American racism, the second is a creative game that stands on the players' skills reflect the environment in which it is located. And finally, such a heart issue, which is a small theater that we once played a classmate and I love ever again played. These are the most concrete ideas about this. It would be liked if I could do such things in the course of their employment. But some fear that it nevyprchalo of excitement, which involves voluntary activity. If I should start these activities „produce“ on demand, without seeing in them a deeper meaning and experiencing the opojnost solidarity with people like minded, if the sole aim should be to fulfill some quota and fill in the statement of the European Union, so it can better I'll try to find a completely different job and if possible, so I'll do these things aside. Thank you for the interview!

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