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Undergraduate studies in Malta? One university enough Added:14.9. 2011
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Undergraduate studies in Malta? One university enough

Malta. The island, which many consider as the most tourist destination, but seldom as the place where he would spend several months or years of study. And yet, as a study destination is not uninteresting.

While few people would probably say, in many respects, the Maltese resembles that of a British education. This is mainly due to the fact that Malta was until 1964 one of the British colonies and still is a member of the Commonwealth. Maybe in proportion to its size, perhaps another reason is there offering higher education compared to the British kingdom of far more limited – in Malta had found only one public high school. It bears the simple name of the University of Malta (University of Malta). Outside, on the island but has one more institution of private, non-university – Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology).

Malta is also available to Czech students

Prapočátky University of Malta goes back to the late 16th century, although officially became a university only in the 1769th Although less than the prestige of British schools, is very respected in the world. Among other cooperate with it and some Czech institutions and organizations and thus may Czech students studying in Malta for example, to get through bilateral agreements (intercollegiate and inter-faculty), intergovernmental agreements or Erasmus. Since it also depends on the amount and scholarships, which vary with each host institution (for example, contributes Erasmus in 2011/2012 for each month study period 346 euros). Excluded, of course, is not a variant of a holistic university studies. In any form of study can not rely on the scholarship received from the school itself, since the foreign students it does not.

Foundation Studies Course == == Foreign students who do not meet the necessary conditions for the possibility of admission, they are required to attend the University of Malta's annual basic course (Foundation Studies Course), whose aim is to prepare these students for entrance exams and the future of classical studies and to familiarize them with the local way of teaching. To successfully complete the course, it is necessary to obtain a certain number of credits. Tuition fee for the academic year 2011/2012 is € 5,200.

Happiness is just a few hundred selected

The school provides a classically structured learning, respectful of the Bologna system, a bachelor's, master's and doctoral. Total offers 13 faculties, covering a wide range of medical disciplines from across the humanities, technical and economic ones. Today it is studying about 10 thousand students, including about six hundred foreign, who come from almost 60 countries (for comparison, at Charles University in Prague, studied nearly 50 000 students, of which about 6,000 foreigners, it is evident that the number of accepted students from abroad at the University of Malta very limited). Another about five hundred students are studying under a short-term exchange study stays. The study is free for all students from the EU.

Siesta, hospitable people and yellow buses with uncertain order

Malta is generally regarded as a place overflowing with natural beauty, historical monuments and most accommodating people. As probably every country has its specifics and Malta: the main form of transport that are typical of yellow buses, the timetable is always uncertain, there follows an afternoon siesta and you hit that on a higher species than the pig or rabbit. It goes to the left, traditions, fairs and festivals are an integral part of local social life. Unforgettable is certainly for many Maltese dishes.

== The cost of the stay

As a necessary cost of living here is from the perspective of foreigners, although some cheaper than in other European destinations, but we just need to prepare for housing to be from 360 to 600 euros for student housing. Other costs will swallow right (foot there hardly move, the city usually do not have sidewalks), food, cost of textbooks, leisure, etc. In total it is necessary to count with a reserve of about 1000 to 1500 euros per month.

The Malta as well as languages ​​

Malta is also a very popular destination for those who want such as summer refine their language skills. Language courses is on this beautiful Mediterranean island offered more than enough. Contributes to the fact that English is the next Maltese second official language.


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